The BEST Subscription Boxes for Men (& What Sets Each Apart)

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subscription boxes for men

What Are the Best Subscription Boxes for Men – and Why?

Subscription boxes for men can enhance your wardrobe, elevate your lifestyle, or simply save you a trip to the store.

We researched dozens of boxes, read the user reviews, and weeded out the unworthy.

Below is a complete guide of the best subscription boxes for men in your life (especially if the #1 man is you).

Big & Tall: Stitch Fix Men

Stitch Fix Men Subscription Boxes For Men

Deets: Stitch Fix Men has a couple unique features which set it apart from the other subscription boxes for men. This is by far the best box to get if you want new outfits for a specific event or occasion, like a holiday party or your next vacation. They also do the best job making a variety of clothing available to men of all sizes, from Big & Tall to petite.

Dough: $20 styling fee per box. You’ll get 25% off your whole order if you keep everything in your box. Average price per item is $55.

Check out our full review of Stitch Fix Men here.

Best Value: Trendy Butler

trendy butler subscription boxes for men

Deets: A Trendy Butler membership costs only a fraction of the retail value of the swag you’ll receive. This is definitely the best choice if you’re looking to round out your business casual wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Dough: $65/month subscription will get you 1-3 items valued at at least $150. No stylist fee.

Check out our full review of Trendy Butler here.

Date Duds: Menlo Club

Menlo Club subscription boxes for men

Deets: Formerly known as Five Four Club, Menlo Club is one of the best subscription boxes for men who want to stock up on fashionable evening and weekend wear. Their pieces are more modern and casual than traditional and stuffy.

Dough: $60/month.The retail value of each box is estimated at about $120.

Check out our full review of Menlo Club here.

Sportiest: Threadbeast

Threadbeast subscription boxes for men

Deets: If you’re an urbanite or are planning to drop a rap album soon, Threadbeast may be your box. With streetwear and athleisure as their main product, Threadbeast makes it easier to get trendy and youthful pieces without a trip to the mall or naturally good fashion sense (it’s ok, we don’t have the gift either).

Dough: Subscription plans range from $60 to $290/month depending on box items.

Get all the details on Threadbeast here.

Best Accessories: Sprezzabox

sprezzabox subscription boxes for men

Deets: Sprezzabox helps you look more trendy and current without a complete wardrobe overhaul. Pieces range from ties and sunglasses to socks and watches, and every item in your box is cohesively themed to be worn together (or mix-and match with what you already have).

Dough: $28/month, and an individual box’s retail value is up to $200. Multi-month packages come with a discount.

Check out our full review of Sprezzabox here.

Most Fun: MeUndies

MeUndies subscription boxes for men

Deets: If you just passed someone on the street with a half smile and faraway look in their eyes, I would guess their secret is MeUndies. Reportedly 3x softer than cotton, these puppies are as comfy as they are fashionable, with ever-changing limited edition prints. Members get really good deals in their online store, and can reserve the new prints before they’re released.

Dough: $18 for undies, $10 for socks.

Read all the cheeky MeUndies details here.

Sophistication: Bespoke Post

bespoke post subscription boxes for men

Deets: Not everyone wants to get clothes in the mail, but pretty much everyone does like having nice things. Bespoke Post has you covered on everything refined and cultured for that up and coming bachelor pad (the Sports Illustrated poster from 2005 and your mom’s old luggage isn’t going to impress the ladies). Bespoke Post sends your choice of several curated items best suited to your lifestyle.

Dough: $49/box for members, $70/box for non-members. Shipping is an additional $4.95.

For more on Bespoke Post, check out our full review.

Most Practical: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar shave club subscription boxes for men

Deets: Dollar Shave Club offers the super useful service of regularly mailing razor blades and grooming products of your choice so you never have to think about it or run out. With no membership fees, Dollar Shave Club keeps their service simple and straightforward to keep you clean cut and smelling yummy.

Dough: $5 to $9 per month razor plans. The Ultimate Starter Kit costs $18 and includes a mixture of everything.

Get in the know about Dollar Shave Club here.

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