Bespoke Post Review [EVERYTHING You Need to Know]

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Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post Review

In a world of AI, Youtube, and apps that help you with everything from learning a Windsor knot to getting groceries delivered to your door, it’s easy to get lost in the sheer mass of available information and options for optimizing your life.

We know you can access almost anything from anywhere, so where do you even begin?

How do we begin to know what products will truly elevate our lives?

Here’s where Bespoke Post comes in. They strive to distill the essence of masculine culture and class into a lifestyle subscription service with themed items ranging from pocket knives to coffee grinders.

Is Bespoke Post worth your money? Is it gimmicky or reputable? How does it compare with other popular subscription services, like MeUndies or Sprezzabox?

We read every Bespoke Post review and condensed them below to give you the info you really need.

What Does Bespoke Post Cost?

$45/box for members, $55/box if you don’t sign up for a membership. Signing up and canceling a membership is free and easy, so this would be worthwhile even if you only want one box.

The retail value of the box contents is on average at least $70.

Bespoke Post Perks (PROS)

High-quality items: More than any other subscription service we’ve reviewed, users are united in the belief that Bespoke Post’s boxes contain extremely well-made and high-quality products for you and your home.

Themed with care: Bespoke Post boxes are carefully curated and themed — from mixology sets to grooming kits with nifty names like “Scout” and “Alchemy”, it’s clear that each box is thoughtfully prepared for discerning gents who want to up their culture game.

Flexible membership: It’s very easy to skip a month or cancel for any reason. You also get a preview email five days before your shipment, and if it’s not your jam, you can easily select a different box and swap it out.

Packaging on point: Users reported the Bespoke Post unboxing experience feels fancy and special. Like your best friend, Santa, and fairy godmother collaborated to prepare something special just for you.

Helpful literature: Bespoke Post follows through with their claim to provide “Goods and Guidance for the Modern Man”, as they send you a detailed guide and history of the contents of your box.

Online store: Bespoke Post has an online store with similar items to ones you would find in the subscription boxes, but not identical. This is a great option for gift giving or if you just want to experience more of Bespoke’s refined taste than you can get in the monthly boxes.

Bespoke Post Drawbacks (CONS)

Strict return policy: While you do have 60 days to return a box, you must return the entire contents. So if you really liked one item and not others, you’d have to decide if it’s worth keeping gear you don’t want or be forced to give up something cool. Additionally, you need to return things exactly as they’re sent to you, so if you open something and try it only to realize it’s not for you, you’re out of luck. If you want a refund and not just exchanges, you’ll need to pay a $6 shipping fee to send it back.

Only one plan option: You are able to subscribe to as many curated boxes from Bespoke Post as you want, but they will each be $45. Some users wished they had more membership levels, as many other subscription boxes do. Threadbeast, for example, has four plans to choose from (ranging from $55-$250), depending on your budget.

Overall Takeaway: ✅ 👍

Bespoke Post has some pretty cool swag that we think can not only make you look cool mixing a Mule, but also helps you discover some pieces and equipment you would never think to get yourself.

Sure, you might not need a Hardcore survivalist hatchet in your urban apartment, but won’t it make you feel a little badass?

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