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Menlo Club

Menlo Club – Men’s Monthly Subscription Box – Review

We hunted down any and all info about the Menlo Club membership (previously Five Four Club), and condensed the Menlo Club reviews to give you all the important stats about this casual and athleisure clothing subscription service.

Is it a good deal?

How does Menlo Club stack up against other monthly clothing subscriptions for men, like Trunk Club or Stitch Fix Men?

Here’s everything you really need to know to make a decision about Menlo Club.

What Does Menlo Club Cost?

Menlo Club is a fixed $60/month. The retail value of your box is estimated at ~$120. You keep everything you receive (2-3 items per box), unless you need an exchange due to sizing issues (no returns or refunds).

Menlo Club Highlights (PROS)

Membership perks. Subscribing to the Menlo Club monthly box also gets you exclusive offers, discounts, and free shipping for anything in the Menlo House E-commerce store.

Unique items. Most of the clothes you’ll receive in your box are Menlo House’s own brands, so if you’re looking for high quality casual duds that not everyone can grab at the mall, this is a good subscription choice.

Affordable clothing for younger men — while some of the styles may not be as appealing for a senior gentleman, Menlo Club does a good job making classy weekend wear accessible to discerning gents.

Menlo Club Drawbacks (CONS)

No personal stylist — Menlo Club will send you a detailed email accompanying each box, but they don’t match you with a stylist, as Trunk Club and Stitch Fix Men do. Users reported still liking their selections, but preferred having the personal touch of working directly with a stylist.

Presentation leaves something to be desired. Some men wished their box was a bit more exciting to unwrap, and wished it included some literature on the contents, a style guide, or some fashion tips.

Lack of brand variety in each box. Menlo Club uniquely focuses on different brands throughout the year (8 months of Five Four casual wear, 2 months of New Republic shoes, 2 months of Grand AC athletic wear). This could be nice for anticipating what kind of items you’ll get but if you want variety in every box, very fashion forward items, or season-specific pieces, this may not be the best choice.

Difficulty with exchanges — Some users reported that the process of exchanging items that don’t fit can be confusing and not straightforward.

Overall Takeaway: ✅ 👍

In contrast to subscriptions like Stitch Fix Men which excel in helping you create outfits for specific occasions, Menlo Club’s strength is in steadily building you a contemporary wardrobe of well-made pieces for trivia nights, happy hours, and meeting up with that Tinder date.

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Menlo Club

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