Sprezzabox Review – Everything You Need to Know

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Men’s Accessory Subscription Box Sprezzabox Review

We read all the reviews online about Sprezzabox so you don’t have to.

What are men saying about Sprezzabox?

Is it really better than picking items out yourself? What sets Sprezzabox apart from similar subscription services, like Bespoke Post or Dollar Shave Club?

Here’s everything you need to know about this curated accessory subscription service.

The Good Sprezzabox Reviews (PROS)

Sprezzaboxes are a huge value. (You only pay $28/month, with the contents ranging from $100-$200 worth of goodies.)

Accessories in each box (typically about 5) are hand-selected to cohesively be worn together.

Sprezzabox allows you to spruce up your wardrobe easily — without having to buy large pieces, like new clothes. It’s great way to stay up on edgier and more fashionable trends without a huge commitment.

They offer one-time wedding themed boxes for groomsmen, which we think is pretty cool.

Similar to Bespoke Post, Sprezza has an online store, so if you love an item, you can go on their site and order one for every dapper dude on your Christmas shopping list.

The Bad Sprezzabox Reviews (CONS)

Items are reportedly similar each month (eg. at least one tie in every box).

The boxes are all pre-themed, therefore not customizable to your style, taste, and preferences.

Users reported being slightly disappointed with the inelegant packaging of the box, although this does not seem to be a reflection on the quality of the contents.

There’s no option for refunds or returns if you don’t like items or they don’t fit well.

Overall Takeaway: ✅ 👍

Sprezzabox is a really interesting service to try, and it may inspire you to shake things up and try out some new styles.

A service like Sprezzabox is a dead-simple way of getting fun accessory recommendations.

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