The Dollar Shave Club Reviews Are In [Yay or Nay?]

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Dollar Shave Club Reviews

Dollar Shave Club Reviews

Dollar Shave Club strives to keep you looking your studliest by routinely mailing razors and cartridges to your door so you never run out of sharp blades and have to schlep to the store or resort to stealing your girlfriend’s (ahem!).

Since Dollar Shave Club’s launch in 2011, other brands like Gillette and Harry’s hopped on the bandwagon of grooming subscriptions geared toward businessmen and lumbersexuals alike.

Does Dollar Shave Club still hold up? Is it worth shelving your current razor and giving them a try?

I read ALL the Dollar Shave Club reviews and compiled them here so you can make a decision and get back to analyzing the weird way your facial hair grows in that one spot (I KNOW you all do this).

What Does Dollar Shave Club Cost?

Grab the “Starter Set” if you’re new to DSC. It’s only $5, and you’ll receive your first package including: one razor handle, 6 razor-blade refills, a sample sized bottle of prep scrub, shave butter, and post dew shave! You’ll be looking fresher than ever.

In your second box, DSC will send you replacement high-quality cartridges once every two months for $3, $6, or $9 a month (depending on blade selection). No membership fees, you only pay for the products.

Dollar Shave Club also offers all the essentials in manly grooming, from hair products to toothpaste. If you want to check out a little of everything, you’ll get a sampler of trial-sized items along with your razor in your first box (less than $5 for 3 sample-sized items).

Another added bonus is how personalized you can make your monthly boxes! On their site, before you’re even able to swoop up your first box- they’ll have you fill out a 2-minute survey. Then, watch magic happen as they throw together the perfect box for your skin type, pain points, and daily grooming needs.

Dollar Shave Club Perks (PROS)

Super convenient. The most obvious win with Dollar Shave Club’s subscription is that it helps keep your personal grooming on point with very little effort and memory on your part.

Good value: Club members report saving money not only on their razors, but also on some of the additional grooming products (eg. hair paste, shaving butter) without compromising on quality.

Transparent and flexible. Dollar Shave Club reviews praise their customer service, saying they make it easy and hassle free to modify orders, cancel subscriptions, and more. They also stand true to their promise of no hidden costs or fees.

Referral program! Similar to Threadbeast, Dollar Shave Club has a sweet referral program. You get a $5 credit applied to your account for every friend you refer to Dollar Shave Club.

Dollar Shave Club Drawbacks (CONS)

You get what you pay for, more or less. Many users have complained that the razors are somewhat lower in quality than what they were used to.

No eco-friendly options — It would be cool if a trendy and progressive company like Dollar Shave Club offered some sustainable alternatives to disposable razor blade cartridges, or biodegradable packaging of their grooming products, but we don’t see any efforts to this end on their site.

Only geared toward men — Some users wish there were products available specifically designed for women.

Not enough customization for shipments: Many users wish there was more flexibility with the shipment frequency of their replacement blades. The standard plan sends you four blades/month, and the Not So Hairy Plan sends them every other month. Other than these two options, you can only choose to pause your membership for up to three months or cancel altogether.

Overall Takeaway: ✅ 👍

Given the savings and convenience, I think the Dollar Shave Club reviews speak highly enough that it’s worth a try, either for yourself or it would make a cool gift for your dad or that groomsman you **really** want to take the hint and shave that patchy “beard” before your wedding.

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