Trendy Butler Review [Everything You Need to Know]

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Trendy Butler

Men’s Clothing Subscription Box Trendy Butler Review

We read all the Trendy Butler reviews so you don’t have to.

How does Trendy Butler stack up against similar subscription services? Will it save you time and money?

Here’s what you really need to know about this men’s exclusive clothing subscription service.

How Much Does Trendy Butler Cost?

$65/month subscription will get you 1-3 items valued at at least $150. Unlike other similar services, there is no stylist fee.

What Guys Love About Trendy Butler (PROS)

Great value! Users of Bombfell and Trunk Club have felt like the clothes in their subscription were priced higher than retail. Trendy Butler is the opposite, and your items are retailed much higher than you get them for in your monthly box.

Easy returns for any reason. Unlike other fixed cost subscription services (eg. Threadbeast), Trendy Butler will let you exchange or return items that you don’t love or that don’t fit. You won’t get your money back, but you can get a replacement item.

High quality business casual items. Trendy Butler specializes in comfy stylish clothes for evenings and weekends, or more laid back work settings. We like that they aim for excellence in this casual niche instead of offering average quality clothing for all settings.

What’s Not to Love About Trendy Butler (CONS)

Less personalized than other similar services — Trendy Butler only uses A.I. to find the right clothes for you, and doesn’t match you with a stylist at all. Users reported still liking their selections, but preferred having the option to work with a stylist too.

Lack of variety: Some users wished there was more variety of clothing in their boxes, and reported that they would sometimes get very similar items even in the same month.

Overall Takeaway: ✅ 👍

Trendy Butler is a cool service to check out if you want to save time shopping for casual, high-quality staple wardrobe pieces. You’ll get more bang for your buck with Trendy Butler than other similar services.

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Trendy Butler Review

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