Trunk Club for Men Review (Everything You Need to Know!)

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Trunk Club

Nordstrom’s Trunk Club Review for Men

As of 2023, Nordstrom’s Trunk Club service has closed its doors.

We read all the reviews about Nordstrom’s Trunk Club subscription clothing service so you don’t have to.

What are men saying about their experience with Trunk Club?

How does it compare to similar services, like Bombfell or Stitch Fix Men?

Here’s everything you need to know about Nordstrom’s premier subscription clothes service.

What Does Trunk Club for Men Cost?

With every trunk you receive, there is a $25 styling fee, which is credited toward items you keep. The styling fee is waived altogether if you have a Nordstrom Visa card.

The retail value of each box could easily be $1,000 – $3,000 (if you kept each item), with individual pieces starting at $100.

Trunk Club PROS

6-10 clothing pieces in each box. If you want to revamp your whole wardrobe, Trunk Club would help you achieve that more quickly than other subscription boxes.

In-person styling services included in your Trunk Club membership (in select major cities). You can even have custom clothing made at these Trunk Club Clubhouses (while sipping a complimentary Manhattan or two).

Extremely personalized care — your stylist calls you on the phone after you create a profile and includes a handwritten note in your first subscription box.

Option to receive a seasonal box if monthly is too much. This could be really cool to switch to after you got some essentials for a few months but still want to keep your wardrobe fashionable long term.

Trunk Club CONS

Limited number of accessories. Some subscribers wish there were more belts, ties, etc. in their boxes.

You’re still charged the styling fee even if you send back all the items.

Large shipments can be cumbersome and too much. Some users feel like the trunks are too big. They can be heavy and it feels overwhelming to try on and make decisions about so many pieces.

Overall takeaway: ✅ 👍

This is a great service for a busy man who may not have the time or inclination to browse stores and hope you make stylish clothing choices.

Trunk Club for Men is by far the most personalized and luxurious of the subscription boxes we checked out.

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