I Read ALL The MeUndies Reviews — Here’s The Good, The Bad, and The Bunchy!

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Online Underwear Company MeUndies Review

If you are a human and have an Instagram account, you’ve probably seen an ad for MeUndies.

So what’s the deal with this company? How does it stack up against other box subscription services, like Dollar Shave Club?

They clearly have some crazy prints and their matching sets make me want to immediately find a boyfriend and get us both those pizza undies and wear them while sitting on the couch eating pizza and then I think I could probably die happy.

MeUndies Review

But is there actually a good product behind all the hype and compelling marketing campaigns?

I read all the reviews and compiled them below to save you some time so you can get back to your pizza (I’m really hungry, ok?).

Here’s everything you really need to know about MeUndies.

What Does a MeUndies Membership Cost?

$16/month for men, $14/month for women, and $8/month for socks (regardless of gender). The price is the same for any style/cut/size you choose, and you’ll receive one item in your mailbox each month.

MeUndies Perks (PROS)

Incredibly comfortable! MeUndies are extremely well made, and the fabric, MicroModal, is buttery smooth and hugs without suffocation (lookin’ at you, Aunt Barbara).

Inclusive: Me Undies features people of all shapes, sizes, sexual orientation, etc. in their ads. 💖

Very flexible (no, I’m not referring to your yoga moves). You can either order from the full selection online, or get a pair as happy mail right to your door each month. Members also get a preview email three days before the shipment of undies for the month — If the style/print isn’t your jam, you can swap it out with a different pair before it’s even sent to you.

Membership benefits. Being a member gets you a hefty discount and free shipping from their online store. You also have access to member-exclusive prints and can reserve a pair of these before they’re even released.

Stellar customer service! Many users reported that the MeUndies support team is unmatched, and their inquiries were handled cheerily and efficiently.

MeUndies Drawbacks (CONS)

Less than fantastic fit — Some people found the undies (boxer briefs specifically) to be not only very tight, but also ride up throughout the day. Not a good combo.

Quick to fade. Some users reported that their MeUndies started showing wear after only a couple months. Given that these are not inexpensive underwear, you want to think they will last much longer than Hanes or Fruit of the Loom.

Slow shipments — Several users wished the undies shipped more quickly, and didn’t like waiting close to two weeks for their order.

Online only! Fans of MeUndies wish that they could easily grab their favorites in a physical store and didn’t need to order online any time they needed some extra drawers.

Overall Takeaway: ✅ 👍

I think Me Undies is a fun gift to give yourself, and I really want to get my hands (and cheeks) on some of that MicroModal fabric to join the comfort club.

It may be worth trying some different styles to see if some fit better than others. I would recommend trying a pair or two and having some underwear you’re excited about and want to be seen in.

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MeUndies Review

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