Threadbeast Review 2023 – Everything You Need to Know

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Threadbeast Men’s Streetwear Clothing Subscription Box Review 2023

What is Threadbeast?

How does Threadbeast compare with other clothing subscription services, like Bombfell or Trendy Butler?

We researched everything men are saying about Threadbeast so you don’t have to.

Here’s what you really need to know about this men’s exclusive streetwear subscription service.

What Does Threadbeast Cost?

You can pick from four subscription options at fixed price points. These plans are outlined here:

Plan Cost What’s Included
Basic $60 2-3 items, mainly tops and accessories
Essential $95 4-5 items, including a variety of tops, bottoms, and accessories
Premium $150 6-7 items, including a variety of tops, bottoms, accessories, and premium pieces such as denim and outerwear
Baller $290 9-11 items, including a combination of premium accessories, tops, bottoms, outerwear, and a guaranteed pair of shoes in each box

What’s Cool About Threadbeast:

Great value! The monthly cost of each box is a fraction of the content’s retail value.

More urban selection than other subscription boxes (eg. Trunk Club– now closed). We could see this being a great option for a younger man or someone trying to get in touch with their trendy, sporty side.

Casual and easy communication with Threadbeast. They pride themselves on their quick and informal support in Facebook messenger and the “chat” feature on their site.

An awesome referral program allows subscribers to refer a friend and receive a whole free box! The referred friend even gets $50 worth of extra goodies in their first box.

What’s Not So Cool About Threadbeast:

If you’re looking for classic business pieces or high quality wardrobe staples, this would probably not be the best subscription box choice. With the slogan “one less trip to the mall”, Threadbeast is looking to save you time by supplying you with casual and sporty trends.

No returns for what you don’t want — Unlike “pay for what you keep” subscription services like Bombfell and Stitch Fix Men, Threadbeast charges a flat rate for the whole box, and will only do exchanges if something doesn’t fit.

Overall Takeaway: ✅ 👍

We like Threadbeast’s goal of making great fashion accessible to a younger crowd. Sprucing up your wardrobe and making it more current would be easy using this service.

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