I Read ALL the Stitch Fix for Men Reviews & Here’s What Men Say [2023]

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Stitch Fix Reviews

Stitch Fix Reviews for Men

We read all the reviews about Stitch Fix Men so you don’t have to.

What are guys saying about their experience with Stitch Fix for Men?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Stitch Fix Men personalized clothing subscription service.

What Does Stitch Fix Men Cost?

Stitch Fix Men keeps the service fees to a minimum and you mainly just pay for the clothes you keep.

Stitch Fix Men pricing is a flat $20 stylist fee, whether you keep items from your box or not. If you do buy any of the items, the $20 is applied toward your purchase. You’ll get 25% off your whole order if you keep all five items.

Pieces vary in cost from $20 – $600, but the average is $55/item. So if you love and keep everything in your box, you can expect to spend about $206.

The Good Stitch Fix Men Reviews (PROS)

No monthly commitment or recurring fee — you simply order a box whenever you want to spruce up your wardrobe or have new outfits for vacation or a specific occasion.

Free and easy returns for anything you don’t want to keep.

Receive 5 large items — men feel like they’re getting a good selection and no fluff with items in their box ranging from jackets and pants to shoes.

Very nice packaging and unwrapping experience, and users reported it feels more like opening a present than a typical package.

Selecting from photo examples helps users describe their style instead of trying explain it with words. This makes the signing up experience more fun and less overwhelming.

Various sizing options. Stitch Fix Men is making it a priority to accommodate all shapes and sizes, from Big & Tall to petite.

The Bad Stitch Fix Reviews (CONS)

You need to manually request each box. If you’re looking for an automated monthly subscription, this might not be the best choice.

Long wait time to receive your order — users reported waiting up to a month after completing their profile and receiving their first box.

Only three days to try on your items and decide what you want to keep. This is the shortest turn around we’ve seen (Bombfell is 7 days, Trunk Club– now closed is 5). If you’re too busy to checkout within this window, you’ll be automatically charged for the whole box.

Overall takeaway: ✅ 👍

Stitch Fix Men is a cool no-strings service to check out, and seems like a good way to try new styles or prepare for a specific occasion (just make sure to give yourself plenty of time for it to arrive!).

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