Bombfell Clothing Box Review

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Men’s Clothing Subscription Box Reviews

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What are men saying about Bombfell?

Is it really better than picking clothes out yourself?

What sets it apart from similar men’s clothing subscription services like Stitch Fix Men and Trunk Club?

Here’s everything you need to know about this personal stylist subscription service.

What Does Bombfell Cost?

The idea behind Bombfell is you don’t pay much for the service itself, mainly just the clothes you choose to keep.

What Bombfell costs and its prices are as follows: a $20 styling fee with each order that is automatically applied toward anything you choose to keep. If you keep 2 or more items, you get a 10-20% discount on your order.

The Good Bombfell Reviews (PROS)

It’s very personalized, and pieces are selected for you based on your skin tone, body type, exact measurements, personal preferences, brands you like, and more.

You can choose your budget for each type of clothing. You can even completely decline items you never want to receive (like underwear or grooming products).

You get an email to preview and modify selections before they’re sent to you — so that drastically cuts down on the risk that you won’t like what your stylist picks out.

Subscribers get a full week to try on items and decide if they want to keep or send them back. So it’s not a big rush or stress.

Really easy and free return shipping on items you don’t want to keep (or be charged for).

Items in your box are styled to go really well together, making it easier to create full cohesive outfits.

You can chat directly with your personal stylist if you have questions or feedback for them.

The Bad Bombfell Reviews (CONS)

Setting up your subscription might take a while because you may not already know the answers to many of the specific questions you’re asked before you can get your first box (body type, preferred fit or finish, etc).

This is not a cheap subscription. Average cost per piece of clothing is $89, so if you love every item in your box, you can expect to spend about $270/month (still way less than Trunk Club).

They have a limited selection of non-average sizes. So larger guys be aware. Users who are very short, very tall, very muscular, etc. also reported many items not fitting well, despite providing all of their measurements.

Some subscribers wished they could upload a photo of themselves or provide their hair and eye color for more customization, but these are not options.

Users have reported that the items they received were significantly pricier than the same items found in stores. So there may be a markup to pay for using the service over shopping for yourself.

Overall Takeaway: ✅ 👍

Bombfell is a cool idea for a service to try, and it may show you some directions to take your style you haven’t considered before.

Because we have a hard time being objective about how we look, it can be really useful to get an outside opinion and suggestions.

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