How to change your name on Tinder (+ Is it even possible?)

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incorrect funny tinder name, not possible to change tinder name

The short answer

Nope, it’s not possible.

According to the rules of Tinder, you can’t change your name or age after you create an account. But if you didn’t catch this hiccup before you upgraded your account or paid for premium services, you’re still fine because Tinder will help you move your subscription over to a new account.

Yep, you read that right. The quickest way to get swiping with your real name again is to simply delete the account with the wrong name/age and start over.

Or, you can ride out your experience with your new alias, but we advise against it.

The long answer

incorrect tinder name, real example

In my case, even if I deleted my Tinder account, the app itself, and redownloaded from the bare bones, I was fated to be stuck with the Tinder name “Sugar-free Dave.” This is an interesting case as I’m not named Dave and I currently have a slightly unhealthy obsession with macaroons.

head nod approval

The first step I took was to report this bug to Tinder. I was advised that the “easiest” form of action was to delete and reinstall with different contact information.

Chances are, if you create an account and get a different name than IRL, you’re essentially being named after whoever had your phone number prior to you. So shouts out to you, Sugar-free Dave; I hope you’re doing well!

Maybe you’ll be shadowbanned

Weirdly enough, when I finally was able to create a profile with my actual name, it seemed like I was shadowbanned. Here’s my Tinder Helpdesk query:

Tinder helpdesk email about wrong tinder name

And the Tinder Helpdesk follow-up:

Tinder helpdesk followup response email

After being asked to verify and play “Find the Koala” (a sadistic bot filter game) for ten rounds each time I opened the app, I once again deleted and reinstalled Tinder. This time, I included fewer photos and no videos or gifs. Since then, everything’s worked.

If you don’t want to fight with Tinder…

  1. Check out other apps like Hinge or Bumble.
  2. Read some of our resources on prompts and bios that attract more attention and start more conversations.
  3. Test your top photos with Photofeeler to ensure you’re giving off your ideal first impression. Some people think they’ve been shadowbanned from dating apps, but in reality, it’s just that their photos aren’t doing them justice. Allow us to clear that up for you.