Best Bumble Bios & Profile Tips 2023 (for Guys & Girls)

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best bumble bios

Want one of the best Bumble bios but don’t know where to start?

If we could sum up all of our advice in one word, it would be BREVITY.

The best Bumble bios don’t tell your whole life story — they offer a slice of your personality, invite follow-up questions, and spark curiosity. The more in-depth sharing and conversation will happen in your chat and on dates!

With this tip in mind, here are our examples of the best Bumble bios and Bumble profiles that are clever, funny, interesting, and good enough to really work.

Best Bumble Bios Template #1: Pros and cons

best bumble bios pros and cons

Let’s be honest. Before someone really knows you, they’re likely evaluating your qualities the same way you shop for a new tv. What are your perks? Drawbacks? Do you come with a rebate?

But seriously, the best Bumble bios know this and acknowledge the oddities of the dating app process without seeming bitter.

A pro-con list can be as sincere or funny as you want. How would you market yourself as a product? Which of your “cons” are actually kinda charming?

Make sure to stay light-hearted and avoid too much self-deprecation with your list!


Lydia, 24

Pro: dogs love me
Con: deathly allergic to dogs

Pro: love pizza
Con: can’t cook, so pizza delivery is a constant in my life

Pro: amazing credit score
Con: stingy af

Mike, 28

– Extremely active
– Expert cuddler
– Ecoconscious

– Extremely hyperactive
– Expert snorer
– Econo car owner

Best Bumble Bios Template #2: Two truths and a lie

best funny bumble bios two truths and a lie

You don’t need to be the funniest person in the world to have one of the best funny Bumble bios that comes across as clever and intriguing.

Starting a game like two truths and a lie in your Bumble bio is one “about me” idea that will absolutely compel people to match with you and find out which part is your lie!


Cece, 23

2 truths & a lie:

Grew up in Portland, ME. Won the Bidu Sayão International Vocal Competition last yr. I don’t have a pinky toe on my right foot.

Aaron, 28

Two truths and a lie…

– I teach foam art classes at Copper Door Coffee Roasters.

– My cat plays fetch better than any dog.

– I took ballet lessons for 7 years.

Best Bumble Bios Template #3: Unpopular opinions

best bumble bios unpopular opinions

Are you the only person you know who hates Game of Thrones? Do you wholeheartedly believe licorice is the best candy? Some of the best Bumble bios invite a lively debate.

List some unpopular opinions in your Bumble bio to show you’re confident and ready to have fun chats with your matches!


Sadie, 22

Unpopular opinions…

The movie is better than the book.

Starbucks has terrible coffee.

Tangled > Frozen.

Jordan, 21

Unpopular opinions:

IPA is the worst kind of beer. Easter is the best holiday, hands down. My mom’s lasagna is better than your mom’s lasagna.

Best Bumble Bios Template #4: Useless talents

best bumble bios useless talents

What’s that random skill you can’t put on your résumé but you’re still really proud of? People love hearing about “useless” abilities, and the weirder it is, the more likely someone will start chatting with you for more details!

Some of the best Bumble bios share these bizarre and silly personal talents, so they’re great as Bumble’s “about me” ideas.


Miranda, 27

I’m really good at calligraphy…with my feet.

Can and will identify brand & model of all label makers.

Xander, 25

Can recite every line from The Princess Bride.

Put any random foods in front of me and I can whip up a delicious dish.

… P.S. The best Bumble bio won’t make up for unattractive pics

best bumble bios shaking head

If your pics don’t look good, your Bumble bio doesn’t stand a chance of getting read in the first place.

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