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Top 4 Mistakes Women Make on Dating Apps

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Welcome Tinderellas and Bumble baes!

As easy as it is to blame men for the lackluster dating app experience, we can actually be our own worst enemies when it comes to standing out and attracting the attention we want online. So, today we’re taking action and wiping the slate clean on your dating profile’s worst practices. Pull up the most-used app of your choice and let’s hit the ground running, shall we?

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#1. You’re not writing your bio to your future partner.

what to do and what not to do, tinder bio

While it’s all too easy to fill your bio with disclaimers like…

  • “Swipe LEFT if you’re 4’3″”
  • “Don’t bother if you’re a narcissist!”
  • “Even if pigs fly, I won’t date someone who doesn’t pay on a first date.”
  • “If your name isn’t Jake Gyllenhaal, swipe left.” (Okay, maybe this one is a personal preference, but you get the gist.)

it’s not helping your cause.

In fact, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice because guys that spam-swipe right don’t read your bio, so you’re prematurely nixing guys who do by leading with negativity.

And let’s be honest, when you come across a dude’s bio full of what he doesn’t want or even a laundry list of what his potential lady must have, how do you feel? Kind of gives you the ick, huh? Men feel the same.

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#2. You’re making it impossible to start a non-boring convo with you.

One of the most common hiccups that women make on dating app profiles is undervaluing opportunities for conversation. If you’re routinely receiving the basic “Hey, what’s up?” message, this is for you.

Ask yourself, if you were a man, how would you message you first? What can you put in your profile that can spark conversation, is relevant to you as a person, and is something you’d be happy to talk about multiple times? Because you will be having this convo more than once.

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Bios aside, what are your prompts putting out there? Are you setting yourself up for success or falling flat by breadcrumbing info, like this Hinge prompt answer… yikes!

the best way to ask me out is: dont, bad tinder prompt

Not only does it not make sense, but it’s a major turnoff. One-word answers have frustrated us since the dawn of time. Can we all just vote to kill them off already?

If your prompt answer doesn’t a) help him decide to match you or b) start a conversation, then it’s gotta go!

Most apps have around three-ish prompt sections– that’s three solid chances at a non-boring first message! Want some suggestions?

#3. You didn’t choose your main photo wisely.

mary tinder sample with minion profile in messages

When messaging on Tinder, the photo that shows in chat is your main profile photo but zoomed in on your face.

This is not only the photo that men are comparing to the others in their match lineup but also when considering how to start a conversation. If you’re coming across as removed and disinterested, you’ll probably get cold and disinterested messages. Keep it lighthearted, smiley, and warm, and more of your messages will follow suit.

#4. You did not include a full-body shot.

woman sitting on grass and hugging her dog, good full-body dating app profile example

We cannot emphasize this enough– you need at least one full-body photo on your dating app profile. It doesn’t matter if it’s Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, or ChristianMingle; without a full-body pic, you’re missing matches.

When Zoosk conducted a study of 4,000 singles, they found that profiles with a full-body shot “see a 203% boost in messages received.”

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Here’s another truth bomb: women tend to perceive their bodies very differently than men do.

Whatever you’re insecure about is likely something your perfect match loves about you or at least doesn’t care about. But hiding something that’s an issue for your match is setting yourself up for unnecessary rejection later, and it’s way less painful to be swiped left on because you won’t even know it happened!

But not just any full-body snap will do– there are so many factors that play a part, like the pose, facial expressions, outfit, and even the scenery!

Everything in the photo above is the same besides the pose; notice the huge score difference!

If you want unfiltered insights into what your full-body pic is saying about you, test it on Photofeeler. Test a few actually, because only then will you understand the small details that make or break the vibe.