15+ Best Hinge Prompts and Answers for Instant Connections

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Ever since its initial launch in 2013, Hinge has given Tinder and Bumble a run for their matches.

Since most Hinge users are focused on finding a relationship rather than a hookup, you have to make a different first impression. Bios and cheesy lines that perform well on Tinder may fall short on Hinge. Users are looking for quality over quantity.

So, how do you make a memorable first impression behind a screen?

We analyzed various Hinge prompts to determine what works best for men, women, and LGBTQ+, and the results are in!

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15 Best Hinge Prompts for More Likes (+2 Photo Prompts!)

These Hinge prompts are tried and tested to get you more likes and messages. As a general rule, avoid:

  • One-word answers or the cop-out “Just ask” Hinge answer. It just looks like you don’t care.
  • Self-depreciation. “The best way to have a second date is… for you to show up to the first date.”
  • Sexual remarks. Read the room; it’s not the app for that.
  • Prompts like “The best way to ask me out is..” and “The way to my heart is…” It doesn’t provide any depth, and the Hinge prompt answers are usually very meh.

Without further ado, here are the best Hinge prompts for more DMs:

Hinge Prompt #1. Dating me is like…

  • “Hearing your favorite song in a dive bar and getting on stage to sing every word.”
  • “Adopting a golden retriever that eats all your leftovers.”
  • “Seeing a D-list celebrity at the airport- mildly thrilling.”

Boom! It’s humorous but fun. Answer this question in a casual, lighthearted way that could still be taken quite literally.

Hinge Prompt #2. Two truths and a lie

We’ve all played this game in school, so it’s no wonder that it works as a dating app icebreaker as well. You get two opportunities to plug personal facts and one chance to fib your way to a message.

Hinge Prompt #3. I’m looking for…

best hinge prompt answer, im looking for

Hinge Prompt #4. A shower thought I had recently

“Every mirror is sold used.”

“Have I ever started a chain of yawns that is forever ongoing till this day?”

How’s that food for thought?

Hinge Prompt #5. I geek out on

Such a perfect prompt to name-drop your favorite games, movies, and science facts.

“I geek out on cooking shows. Making a pineapple turnover cupcake with rum glaze? Okay Martha Stewart, I see you!”

“I geek out on how well Davy Jones can play the piano with crab hands, also the entire Pirates Trilogy.”

Hinge Prompt #6. I’m convinced that

“Penguins could play ice hockey very well if they had opposable thumbs.”

“Mint chocolate ice cream from Dairy Queen is unmatched- please change my mind!”

The first answer shows your sense of humor; plus, you’re right.

The second answer is a flawless shoo-in for an ice cream date. Just let us know where the best mint-choco ice cream really is!

Hinge Prompt #7. Best travel story

best travel story, hinge prompts answer

Cue spontaneity and wit. Tell us; we’re dying to know.

Hinge Prompt #8. A life goal of mine

“Is to find a piece of treasure during a scuba dive- National Treasure, for real.”

“Is to open my own floral shop.”

Either way that you frame this answer, it’s a win. Speak about your life goals, or mention a dream you’ve been waiting to make a reality.

Hinge Prompt #9. Apparently, my life’s soundtrack is

“Photograph” by Nickelback because… we’re Photofeeler.

Joking, joking.

We all connect through music. People share similar memories from their past, all connected by a common soundtrack. Don’t be embarrassed by your song choice; let us hear it.

Hinge Prompt #10. My ideal fake sick day

“Is a day at the movies with a fellow ‘sick’ friend whilst tactically avoiding other employees.”

Just don’t swipe on your boss, could be awkward.

Hinge Prompt #11. My biggest date fail

A Hinge user’s date stole her car. He excused himself to go to the restroom and never came back. Seemingly, neither did her car until 2 days later. Thankfully, he wasn’t a Hinge user but cringe!

Hinge Prompt #12. The worst idea I’ve ever had is

worst idea ive ever had, hinge prompts answer

An expensive idea, no doubt. It makes for a hilarious party story though!

Hinge Prompt #13. I’ll know it’s time to delete Hinge when

This Hinge prompt is 10/10 because it reveals what you’re looking for in a serious relationship, meanwhile showcasing a bit of your personality.

Or, make it playful, “I’ll know it’s time to delete Hinge when someone hacks my account and gets more matches than me.”

Hinge Prompt #14. First round is on me if

“We both order water.”

It’s a funny answer, but it won’t get you the replies you’re looking for. Try dropping a date idea like, “First round is on me if you agree to be my karaoke duet partner.”

Hinge Prompt #15. I know the best spot in town for

i know the best spot in town for, hinge prompts answer, hinge

Location, location, location.

Secret locations intrigue everyone. Who wouldn’t want to know the best spot in San Francisco for a picnic and a glass of wine? *raises hand*

Hinge Prompt #16. Guess where this photo was taken

No selfies here folks!

Include a background in this shot, or just avoid this as a photo prompt. Nobody’s going to be able to guess from the reflection in your glasses what coffee shop you’re at. The scenery is key.

This shows you’ve actually stepped on a plane. Plus, you’ll be seeing nomads roll in with their international guesses.

Hinge Prompt #17. Me in the wild

Take this as a free pass to poke fun at any random, weird, or eccentric photo of yourself you have lurking in the shadows. NO GYM PICS.

Show your unfiltered, quirky side.

How to Instantly Make Any Hinge Prompt Work Better?

There’s an age-old saying, “A photo speaks a thousand words.” So, what’s your pic saying?

Photos are your first impression on dating apps.

So much so that in 2017, Hinge published a study detailing what users are truly looking for in a profile pic- and the results were surprising!

Just like you guessed, it’s all in the details. You could have the best Hinge prompt answers, but matches could be put off if your photos aren’t walking the walk.

Photofeeler uses feedback suggestions similar to the photo tags used in the Hinge study to help you choose photos that are scientifically more likely to appeal to potential matches. And since making a good first impression reduces the time spent on dead-end conversations and gives you more quality options, it’s totally worth it.

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2017 Hinge Study