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Single in Your 40s? Try These Dating Apps!

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Dating in your 40s can feel foreign, difficult to navigate, and confusing. But if you’re reading this article, you’re taking the first step toward romance, so that’s super exciting!

We hope this roundup brings you clarity and lets you know what to expect when stepping foot in the dating pool once again.

When it comes to your dating profile, as with most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Put minimal information in your bio and prompts; you’ll see the same in your inbox.

And, if all else fails, we hear ladies who frequent Cheesecake Factory are absolute foxes, and men who shop at Costco are green flag, golden retriever energy. Don’t just take our word for it; it’s the overall consensus on Reddit.

Without further ado– here are the best dating apps for singles in their 40s!

The Overall Winner: Hinge

dating apps for people over 40 years old, hinge interface

Hinge is like the cool, mature cousin in the dating app family. Although it’s decently successful in forming new relationships, you’ll have less of a selection for mid-40s singles; over 90% of the user base is between 19-36 years old. But users exchange 16 times more phone numbers on Hinge than other dating apps, so you can score an IRL date much more smoothly.

Reddit Review:

“Hinge is one of the better sites for people over 40. Also, really put some work into your profile. Well-thought-out pics and descriptions can separate you from the pack and sometimes help attract the right type of people you’re looking for. It’s hard though, no matter what. Good luck!”

The Good

There are tons of ways to make your profile stand out, such as video, photo, text, and even voice prompts. When you’re looking for something serious, it’s essential for people to feel like they can trust you. So, before you post your pics, run some of your photo choices through Photofeeler first to ensure you’re coming off as you intended.

Another neat Hinge feature is changing your location without extra charges, which is fantastic if you’re considering a move or are willing to date outside your city.

“I have been on so many dating sites without any luck, and the first time I tried Hinge and went on a date, I met the love of my life. Been dating almost two years, live together and have a dog. I highly recommend Hinge to meet singles looking for a more serious relationship! 10/10 would recommend.” – Nicole via Trust Pilot

sample hinge prompt with answer
Sample Hinge profile with prompts

The Bad

However, it’s not all perfect. The lack of a verification process puts many people off for fear of matching with fake profiles. But you’re going to have your fair share of catfish profiles anywhere.

In addition, if you’re someone with specific political beliefs outside of the mainstream, you might find the options for indicating your political affiliations a bit limited​​.

There’s also been some chatter about profiles being “banned for no reason.” Customer service isn’t very helpful with clearing that up.

The Runner-up: Bumble

dating apps for people over 40 years old, bumble interface

Bumble is the more serious, intentional version of Tinder with a similar crowd of singles. Out of all the other dating sites and apps on the market, Bumble operates entirely differently. Once there’s a consensual match, the female counterpart has 24 hours to send the first message, or the match will fade away forever (or you’ll have to pay to extend it for another 24 hours).

The odds are in your favor. Bumble reports, “85% of users are looking for marriage or a boyfriend/girlfriend.”

Reddit Review:

“I (41M/London) joined Bumble a few days ago and have found it a lot better than Hinge. Multiple reachouts and a first date that ended up a great day out. Honestly, my mind is blown. Hinge was way tougher messaging and being largely ignored (as a guy), and it made me give up on OLD for a while. So I’m team Bumble for now.”

The Good

Bumble is full of proactive features: the 24-hour window, women having to message first, speed-dating nights, and suggested prompts. So many other apps are designed for endless window shopping without effort, and it’s such a mood killer.

Unless you’re messaging the same “hey” message to 20 of your new matches on the same day (don’t ever do this), you’ll have to put some thought into the chats and, therefore, feel the vibe out quicker. It’s no surprise that Bumble matches get out on first dates faster than on other apps.

Safety Pro: There’s an in-app video call feature, which is nice if you’re nervous about sharing your contact info.

“I think this site has enough search parameters that you can search for someone who is fairly compatible with what you are looking for. I was satisfied with the type of guys the searches resulted in. I felt like I was in control of how private my settings were kept and did not feel uncomfortable with the information that I allowed to be visible on the site. This site worked fine on my phone. I had no problems using it and am happy with how it worked. I would do it again if I was in a position where I needed it.” – Francie via ConsumerAffairs

sample bumble prompt for singles over 40
Sample Bumble profile with prompts

The Bad

At the moment, Bumble offers a lifetime premium membership for $199. While this might seem like a dashing deal, there have been tons of bugs with users being locked out or Bumble not recognizing their accounts when they get new phone numbers– so beware if you decide to upgrade. Customer service is very slow.

Third Place: interface web app

Since its creation in 1995, Match “has facilitated 517,000 relationships, led to 92,000 marriages, and is responsible for the birth of 1 million babies — and counting.” It’s the most popular dating site for singles over 40 years old.

Reddit Review:

“I met my boyfriend on Match over a year ago.

FWIW, He did have a well-written profile and sent me a message which clearly indicated he read mine. However, most on here would have turned him down because he had 1 car selfie pic, 1 pic with him and his dog and 2 more pics of just his dog that he referred to as his ‘fur son.’ Good thing I like big dogs.”

The Good has a large and diverse user base, offering extensive profile customization options, which help in making meaningful connections. There’s a rhyme and reason to their matching techniques. Its advanced search filters and various communication tools are significant advantages as well.

“I was a widow and joined Match in 2009. The third person was a winner. We met in a public place for the first time and dated for over a year. We’ve been living together since 2010 and have built a home together. I love telling people I met him on Match.” – Sandra via ConsumerAffairs profile sample
Sample profile

The Bad

Users’ biggest complaint is the prevalence of fake profiles and potentially misleading marketing practices. It’s like being invited to a party that ends up being a sales pitch. You may be shown additional attractive profiles and then prompted to sign up for a subscription to match with them, only for them to turn out to be fake. If that was changed or there was more filtration, would be a best-seller.

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Set yourself up for success before you make a profile.

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Photos are everything on dating apps. Your match potential is dependent on how well you present your true self online. If your photos don’t do you justice or provide any context about you as an individual, you’re not ready to post them in your profile.

We call this a case of the profile-impaired, but no stress, it’s totally fixable. Lean on us to profile-power your dating app experience by testing a pic on Photofeeler!