Tinder Picture Size (No Crop/Zoom Needed)

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Tinder Picture Size, Image Dimensions, Photo Aspect Ratio without Crop

What’s Tinder’s photo size / dimensions / aspect ratio?

Lots of people have been asking about Tinder picture sizes, but no clear answers existed online. So we decided to investigate for ourselves.

Aspect Ratio

Tinder requires you to crop pictures to a square (an aspect ratio of 1:1).

But then, in the swiping deck, it zooms into your main photo so that it’s taller than it is wide (an aspect ratio of 0.7:1).

Dimensions in Pixels

On an iPhone 6, Tinder requires you to crop to a size of 640 x 640 pixels square.

However, your main photo is zoomed into and displayed at 600 x 848 pixels in the swiping deck.

The exact number of pixels changes depending on the device, however.

How to Avoid the Crop?

Hate having to crop your photo into a square — especially when they’re just going to zoom it in afterwards?

Your best bet is to use an app like “Square Instapic” which retains the dimensions of your photo while adding borders to make it perfectly square.

The results surprisingly aren’t bad-looking.

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