“Profile Picture Maker for Instagram” = $$$. Try These Free Apps Instead!

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Instagram Profile Picture Maker

Easiest, Best, Free-est Profile Picture Maker

Why is making an Instagram profile picture so complicated? Well, partly because there are so many competing tools out there. And many of them leave watermarks over your finished image — ending up costing you money to remove it.

So what’s the simplest, easiest, quickest, free-est way to make your Instagram profile picture?

Our #1 Pick: Aviary

This app is available on the web, Apple, and Android devices.

Aviary is our favorite option, largely because it’s dead-simple to use. You just tap the picture you want to edit and off you go!

“Enhance” and “Effects” offer Instagram-like filters.

“Crop” lets you easily cut your picture to a perfect square. (While It doesn’t cut to a circle, it’s ill-advised to do so. Letting Instagram do that final crop into a perfect circle will give you the most flawless look.)

There’s tons more features I could mention — including “Blemish,” “Whiten,” etc. — but I’ll spare you these details. Aviary is just a solid, easy app.

More Good Options

Other free editing options out there include Pixlr, Fotor, and BeFunky.

Is Your Insta Pic 😍😍😍 or πŸ˜·πŸ’©?

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Go to now and give it a try!

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