Bumble Profile Pictures: Photo Size (No Crop Needed)

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Bumble Profile Pics Photo Size, Dimensions, Aspect Ratio without Cropping

Bumble app’s profile pics photo size / dimensions / aspect ratio?

When you upload profile pics to the Bumble app, you’re forced to crop and/or zoom them to a unique size.

But what size is it? No clear answers were to be found online, so we investigated this for ourselves.

Aspect Ratio

Bumble crops all profile pictures tall and skinny (with an aspect ratio of 0.62:1 on an iPhone 6).

Dimensions in Pixels

On an iPhone 6, Bumble pictures are cropped to a display size of 600 x 965 pixels.

The exact number of pixels changes depending on the device, however. To users on the iPhone X, for example, pictures look even taller and skinnier.

How to Avoid the Crop / Zoom?

Hate not knowing if your pic will work until you upload it? Wondering how you can resize your picture so it’s not cropped or zoomed in?

A) Use a photo editor to crop your pictures to 1200 x 1930 pixels before you upload to Bumble. This will look good on most devices.

B) Open the photo in your phone’s gallery, zoom in until the photo takes up the whole screen, then take a screenshot. Then you can upload the screenshotted photo, which will be pretty close to Bumble’s dimensions.

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