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How To Improve Your Online Dating Profile and Get Higher Quality Matches

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Your dating app profile is like your resume, but for love. Attracting the right person takes time, energy, and a little bit of luck. These tips will propel you much closer to getting on a date in real life which is where you can really stand out and see if you connect with the other person.

This article is intended for those who want to get better matches that feel more suitable to them rather than appealing to the largest crowd.

Step #1: Choose the right app

Top dating apps in app store

Each dating app has its own underlying vibe to it– whether we’d like to believe it or not. If you’d ask a random stranger where to find the love of your life online, it’s usually going to boil down to the top three:


tinder app icon

A younger crowd, more hookups and less commitment-feeling, but largest dating pool because it’s the most well-known. Seems like another social media platform (for singles) with the number of people who put their Instagram handle in their bio and literally nothing else.

Photo representation of Tinder:

Tinder in a photo, people in a party, chaos


hinge app icon

More formal, less sex-oriented, and has a long-term relationship vibe. Overall, the photo quality and bios of matches on Hinge are higher; it feels like Hinge users put a bit more effort into their profiles.

Photo representation of Hinge:

Hinge in a photo, couple


bumble app icon

The girl version of Tinder but slightly better matches because women have to message within 24 hours, so it feels more active and intentional and therefore, higher quality. You might still get matches if you’re “hot” and don’t put a bio on Tinder, but on Bumble, no bio won’t get you far. Women on Bumble are actively looking to start conversations and tend to be more serious about dating.

Photo representation of Bumble:

Bumble in a photo, wolf of wall street

There are tons more dating apps, and we break them down into categories: LGBTQA+, kink-friendly, religion-focused, ethnicity-centered, and more here!

Step #2: Understand what you truly want and write your bio to exemplify that

how do i know what i want

Many people write to us asking for help with their bios without knowing what type of relationship they want, whether it be a long-term relationship, a casual fling, a new “friend,” yadda yadda yadda. How can you expect potential partners to be honest in their bios if you’re not clear with your intentions?

Real recognize real, you know?

So, what’s your real?

No matter what, you can’t go wrong with:

  • A Sense of Humor. This goes for men and women alike; humor is lighthearted and one of the best ways to break the ice in a flirtatious way. Check out these funny Tinder bios!
  • Your Interests. Bonus points for the quirky hobbies that aren’t as popular. Especially if you’re looking for someone to share these pastimes with, put it in your bio and let your soulmate spark an interest.
  • Authenticity. This one sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s actually deeper than that. Picture this: You’re traveling around the world, and you’re looking for a short-term, casual fling, but your profile bio is giving wedding bells; you’re bound to run into some problems. Don’t lead people astray in your intention– it’s just bad luck for future love. If you’re just passing through and not ready to commit, something short like, “Passing by Chicago, would love to meet up for a drink,” says it all without screaming, “Hey, let’s drink a glass of wine and then Netflix and chill at my hotel.

The best way to screw up a potential match is by listing everything that you’re NOT looking for in a partner. Although you may think it’s helping you dodge incompatible matches, it’s mostly just coming off as rude and aggressive to potential compatible matches.

Step #3: Choose photos that start conversations and establish trust

This step is where people immediately send their top ten photos to their best friends, get some biased input, put up the photos that their moms and friends chose on their profile, and then feel bummed when they don’t get matches. This is also where we have to ask you a stupid but real question… Do you want to date your best friends or your mom?

We hope not. So here’s what you do…

test a photo on photofeeler meme

Literally, that’s all it takes.

Truth be told, there’s no better way to attract potential matches than by finding out what people in your target age bracket think of you first.

We’re all in the same boat with dating apps, but it’s good to know what people think of them so you can understand what needs to be done to stand out. Allow us to present the first item of evidence:

Reddit quote from dating
One Reddit opinion, view more in the r/DatingApps subthread

If this is the overall feeling– yikes!

So, how to appear as the shining diamond in the garbage?


It’s really crazy to see how people who don’t know you view your photos. And, although we hate to admit it, people are looking for reasons to swipe left– it’s just the reality now.

The best way to attract quality matches that start conversations and actually want to meet for a date is with Photofeeler-vetted profile photos. Our photo tests ask voters to rate photos on three unique traits. For dating, we rate on Smart, Trustworthy, and Attractive metrics. Give it a shot for free, weigh in on user’s photos to get a feel for how it works, and watch your profile catch more attention.

Step #4: When there are prompts, use them

Answering prompts thoughtfully is your chance to reveal more about yourself. Many dating apps offer questions that can highlight your interests and intentions, so take advantage of these to show off your personality further. What might work for some doesn’t work for everyone, so find what suits you best. If you’re interested, check out this Hinge Prompt Guide for some added insights or Hinge’s list of the top 25 most successful prompts.

Before we move, allow us to present our Prompts Wall of Fame:

Awesome hinge prompt, fact about me that surprises people answer

Why it works:

  • Everyone selfishly loves a custom answer about themselves
  • You are telling us you opened a business in a less-cocky way
  • Cocktails, need we say more?

good hinge prompt answer, perfect first date answer

Why it works:

  • Fun first date idea that required no effort at all from our side
  • Escape rooms, duh
  • Kinda funny rationale for the idea

And in the spirit of learning, our Prompts Wall of Shame (boo, no effort sucks!):

bad hinge prompt answer, ill fall for you if

bad hinge prompt answer, worst idea ive ever had

 bad hinge prompt answer, worst idea

You might have noticed there are no individual reasons why each of these prompts sucks, and it’s because they all share a commonly-seen, commonly-ignored undertone of “Ughhhh, I downloaded this app, and I hate it here. I hate dating. This is such a waste of time, so I’m going to use my valuable prompt space to make others read about how much I hate dating apps.” Plus, none of these answers are even close to being a conversation starter.

Sassmograph gif

Yeah, nobody cares. Stop putting this; you’re making matches swipe left.

Step #5: Watch and learn what works

Pay attention gif

Have you changed up your profile and noticed a lot of attention on a specific photo or prompt? Keep that in mind and play off of that.

It’s okay to change your profile every few months or even weeks when something doesn’t seem to be working. As long as your profile pictures catch attention, you have free reign to tweak the rest of your profile as you see fit. Some apps even arrange your pictures for you if one photo gets swiped on more than others, but we personally don’t know how much this really works.

In the end, crafting a standout dating profile requires authenticity, humor, strategic ambiguity, and continuous refinement. By presenting your true self in a positive and engaging light, you’re more likely to attract compatible partners.

The goal is to start conversations, foster connections, and open the door to potential relationships. With these tips, you’re well on your way to success in the digital dating world.

Good luck, and may your profile be the key to finding your match!