8 Personal Photos You Need for Your Online Dating Profile

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young woman laughing with coffee

7 seconds.

That’s all it takes for someone to see your profile photo online and make a first impression. To match or not to match, this is the question.

At The Match Artist, we hone in on how people will feel when they see a set of images. Plenty of photographers can shoot some LinkedIn shots for you, but we’ve found that profile pictures that tell a story of your personality lead to far more online dating matches than other methods.

Ready to dive into the ideal shot? Here are eight suggestions from us to make your dating profile really stand out!

1. The Smile or Laughing Shot

In your online dating profiles, it’s important to show that you’re fun and approachable. This is where candid photos are the best. Usually people pose for a picture and call it done.

Ask your friends to turn on “live photos” in your settings to capture your laugh or smile in motion.

2. The Mischievous Shot

Create intrigue and desire with camera angles and proper posing. This shot tells matches that there’s more to you than meets the eye. It’ll have them wondering what type of person you are and what your vibe is.

looking away sultry shot

Highlight your jawline, and use your eyes and mouth to sauce up this shot.

3. The Passion Shot

There’s nothing more attractive than someone doing what they love, besides a photo to document it.

The goal of this photo is to show people what you’re passionate about outside of your career field. It builds a backstory and lets people connect with you through shared hobbies and interests. This is our “lifestyle photo,” so to say.

As tough as it may be, please do avoid the typical bathroom selfies, shirtless gym selfies, and selfie stick endeavors. These aren’t “bad photos” but they’re not the kinds of photos that perform well on online dating apps.

4. The Cafe Shot

man sitting outside cafe
This shot communicates intelligence, sociability, or and a taste of your laid back personality. It provides a flash into your everyday life that will attract quality matches.

Plus, you can strike up a convo with potential matches about their fave coffee type and ask them to grab a cup! (You’re welcome for the bonus dating tips).

5. The “Social” Shot

social bar photo

Grab a drink, or if you’re sober, snag a mocktail and take a photo in your favorite establishment.

The more lighthearted the photo, the better! You want matches to pick up that you’re enjoyable to be around, present in the social scene, and know some hidden gems to take them for a cocktail.

Types of photos that could work here are across the table pictures, well-lit formal-esque bar attire shots, or candid shots of you out on the town having a good time. Avoid drunken shots of you on the sidewalk or being carried home by a pack of your friends, nobody wants to see that.

6. The Full Body Shot

Full-body photos can be done a number of ways. Future matches want to know you take care of your body, so this one is a must for your online dating profile!

It doesn’t matter if you’re seated, standing, walking, or running a marathon– just make sure you include your head-to-toe photo in your photo selection.

Work that body language. Stand up tall, keep your shoulders back, and show off how cool and confident you are.

7. The Intellectual Shot

So far you’ve shown yourself to be attractive, fun, interesting, and social—but we also need to mix in a photo that shows you’re smart without coming off too nerdy.

8. The Dog Shot

People love dogs– it’s a fact. No matter if you’re a feline fan or a dog person, being trusted with pets is like a gold star in the dating world.

It can be difficult to get this shot right, but if you’re able to show that you’re approachable with animals, you’ll start bringing in more matches. If you want some help taking your matches to the next level, we’d love to chat with you.

Last Minute Tips and Tricks From an Online Dating Photographer

Here at The Match Artist, we truly believe that every person has the potential to be photogenic—they just need the right coaching!

Personally, I always chose profile pictures that showed off my hobbies and passions.

There were shots of me crafting the perfect cup of joe, rock climbing, DJing, and most importantly, chilling with my dogs. Your dating-app photo album should and will be different from others– it’s what makes you interesting! Even if you don’t have a ton of hobbies, that’s okay!

We hope these eight photo ideas spiced up your photo arsenal and that you’re feeling confident as ever in your match selection. When you’re ready to level up your photos, and your matches– book a free call with us!