Tinder Pictures That 10x Matches (Not What You Think!)

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Tinder Pictures That 10x Your Matches

Your Tinder photos determine whether you succeed or fail with Tinder.

Assuming your Tinder bio is not hurting you, the specific pictures you choose for Tinder make the difference between getting 0 matches and more matches than you can handle.

And no, optimizing your Tinder photos is not code for “look like Brad Pitt.” Pictures are not you. You can be Brad Pitt and look weird, creepy, or unattractive in specific pics. Tons of reasonably good-looking guys are unknowingly using bad pictures on Tinder.

So here’s what we know about Tinder photos that 10x matches on Tinder.

The Surprising Science Behind Tinder Photos That Perform Well

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According to a recent study published in Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, we don’t see pictures of ourselves the same way strangers do. In fact, if you’re in charge of picking your own Tinder pics, they’re likely to be bad.

For full details of this study, check out: New Study Confirms: You’re Bad At Judging Your Own Pictures

Takeaway: Tinder Photos That Get the Most Matches? Pics Picked By Strangers

By nature, people don’t pick flattering photos of themselves.

Self-selected profile pictures make less favorable impressions than ones selected by a stranger. (!) And your friends and family are just as bad at picking photos of you, so they can’t help you either.

Luckily, there is a way to get strangers to pick your best Tinder photos. It’s called Photofeeler.

So make sure to run yours through before wasting all your Tinder matches on the wrong photos. I’ve seen it drastically increase match rates on Tinder with no other changes.

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