[User Guide] How To Use Tinder for PC in 2022

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tinder for pc

Wondering if you can use Tinder on your PC or Mac?


In 2017, Tinder for PC was launched, a web version of their app. So if you’ve been using an emulator like Bluestacks or Swipe for Tinder to access Tinder on PC, you no longer need to!

Here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know about Tinder for PC, and some tips to optimize your Tinder results.

Tinder for PC Login

tinder for pc login

Logging into Tinder on your PC is virtually the same as logging in on your phone. You have the option to log in with Facebook or your phone number.

Tinder will send you a code (SMS or WhatsApp) to verify your number, if you choose not to use Facebook.

Tinder for PC Swiping

tinder for pc swiping

Once you’ve logged into Tinder on PC, you’re immediately brought to your potential matches.

Instead of swiping, you can either drag profiles left/right with your mouse, or click the ❌ or 💚.

You can see your matches and messages in the left column while you’re swiping.

Tinder for PC Chatting

tinder for pc chatting

When you chat with your Tinder matches on PC, their photos and bio are visible and scrollable in a column on the right side of your screen. This makes referencing something from their bio or photos while you’re chatting even easier.

Like Happn, you can send songs to your match in chat through Spotify.

Tinder for PC Profile

tinder for pc profile

Tinder’s PC version makes your profile pic more important than ever.

Your match will be looking at a big ol’ version of it the whole time you’re chatting (not just a thumbnail).

Psst… what does your profile pic say about you?

Choose the right profile photo using hard data with Photofeeler.

Photofeeler tells you how you’re coming across in pics — if you look attractive, smart, trustworthy, fun, confident, and more.

Choosing Tinder pics this way has been known to increase match rates (and match quality) by a ton.


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