10 Questions To Ask on Tinder (Your Matches Will Love These)

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questions to ask on tinder

Questions to Ask on Tinder

Coming up with good questions to ask on Tinder can be tough.

Asking questions on Tinder is the best way to engage with your matches, but after you’ve been swiping long enough, new convo material can feel as elusive as perfectly-tousled-but-not-messy hair.

We’ve got you covered.

Here are some perfect questions to ask on Tinder you can steal, copy, or reshape to make your own.

Tinder Question #1: Would You Rather

questions to ask on tinder would you rather

You don’t have to ask someone mundane questions about what they do for work or where they’re from to find out more about them.

How someone answers a “would you rather” question can reveal a lot about their personality and values.


You: Would you rather have a 1 minute convo with your past self or future self?
Jess: Hmm, I think I’d have to pick past self…I’d rather give that biotch a pep talk than find out anything about my future

You: Would you rather shout all the time or whisper all the time?
Mallory: Definitely whisper…I find shouting to be stressful normally!
Mallory: You?

Tinder Question #2: Photo Detail

questions to ask on tinder photo detail

Saying “I’m observant and attentive” doesn’t make it so.

Prove you’re a keen observer by asking a question about something in one of your match’s photos.

Hint: Make sure it’s something you’re actually interested to know, or you could easily come across as inauthentic!


You: Is that your puppy in your second pic?
Ruby: Yes! She’s a lot bigger now though
You: She is incredibly cute
Ruby: Thank you! She’s such a sweetie

You: Are you by chance on Bear Peak summit in your pic?
Erin: Yes!! Have you done that hike?
You: I have! A little treacherous, but worth it for that view
Erin: Totally agree

Tinder Question #3: ____ Or ____?

questions to ask on tinder either or

Want to learn about her preferences?

Bantering with “or” questions is more fun and less pressure than “So what are you into?”


You: Rice or pasta?
Kayley: what kind of rice
You: Basmati
Kayley: Well then, rice for sure. You making us dinner? This is moving so fast.

You: movie or book?
Gretchen: Usually book, unless we’re talking LOTR, because damn, I love those movies.

Tinder Question #4: Hypothetical Scenario

questions to ask on tinder hypothetical

Questions that call for a “yes/no” answer can sometimes be a conversation killer.

They have nowhere to go.

Hypothetical “if” questions beg a longer answer, and can be a fun way to blast right past boring small talk.


You: If you could learn any skill without trying, what would you pick?
Jasmine: I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the violin!
Jasmine: What about you?

You: If you could only listen to one band for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?
Lydia: This is a really hard question!
Lydia: One band…hmmm…don’t judge me, but I’d have to go with Coldplay

Tinder Question #5: Bucket List

questions to ask on tinder bucket list

Got some major goals?

Share yours and find out hers by comparing bucket lists.


You: Your bucket list can only be 3 things. What are they?
Meg: oh god, um…visit Australia, ride an elephant, learn how to beatbox.

You: Do you have something on your bucket list you think is embarrassing?
Charlotte: Haha, hi, yeah I guess I do
You: Is it embarrassing that you want to do it or embarrassing that you haven’t done it yet?
Charlotte: BOTH.

Tinder Question #6: Last Meal

questions to ask on tinder last meal

Ok, maybe this seems a little morbid, but food is a fun topic!

Hint: Comparing favorite entrees is a great segue into planning a dinner date. 😉


You: You’re on death row. What’s your last meal?
Hannah: Chicken tikka masala. And an ice cream cake. :)
Hannah: You?

You: If you could pick, what would your last meal ever be?
Rachel: omg, ok: Pork belly tacos, roasted brussel sprouts, Shake Shack milkshake, and sweet potato fries.
You: I think I love you.

Tinder Question #7: Top Five

questions to ask on tinder top five

The great thing about asking your matches’ top 5 faves is that you can tailor it to their interests, or something they mention in their bio.

Does she like hiking? Ask her top 5 favorite trails.

Is that an Office reference? Ask her top 5 fave Office characters or episodes.


You: What are your top five favorite movies
Diana: Jaws. Legally Blonde. Serenity. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Now and Then.
You: I’m so impressed that you just had those ready. No hesitation.

You: Top five places you’ve traveled?
Andrea: This is going to be hard
Andrea: ok, Patagonia, Seattle, Greece, Portland (Maine), and probably here too. I love the weather!

Tinder Question #8: Last Book

questions to ask on tinder last book

Want to low key figure out how nerdy your match is? Asking the last book they read can be a helpful peek into how they spend leisure time, or if they would accept your obsession with the Dark Tower series.

Not really into reading? This “last” template can easily swap out books with movies, podcasts, or concerts.


You: So Maria, what’s the last book you read?
Maria: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed
You: Is it good?
Maria: Yeah, it’s really good. Not the type of book I’m normally interested in, but I totally recommend it.

You: What’s the last book you read?
Steph: Commonwealth
You: Did you like it?
Steph: Loved it. It’s really well written, I couldn’t put it down. What about you?

Tinder Question #9: Dinner Guest

questions to ask on tinder dinner guest

The people we idolize reveal a lot about our aspirations and priorities.

Ask your match who they would want to meet and have a G-rated evening with. Don’t judge them *too much* if the answer is Channing Tatum.


You: Of everyone who’s ever lived, who would you want to have dinner with?
Eva: You
Eva: Ha, kidding, I’d probably pick my grandma actually. She died before I was born, and I wish I was able to get to know her.

You: If you could pick any dinner guest, who would it be?
Jen: Meryl Streep
Jen: She is so fiercely talented, and I also feel like she’s probably really nice and wouldn’t mind if I adopted her as a 2nd mom. Probably.

Tinder Question #10: Fun Fact

questions to ask on tinder fun fact

Did you know…that a lot of people like hearing random facts?

Entertain your match with a bit of useless knowledge before moving onto the deeper getting-to-know-you stuff.


You: Did you know only 11% of people are left handed
Shannon: I’m lefthanded!!
You: You are? Do you feel handicapped?
Shannon: Handicapped is a strong word, but I will say 3-ring binders have never been my friend.

You: Christine, did you know the average person falls asleep in 7 minutes?
Christine: I didn’t know that…I feel like it takes me way longer

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