Tinder Tandem: What? Where? How Does It Work?

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Tinder Tandem

All About the New #TinderTandem

Tinder has been teasing a fun new idea called Tinder Tandem, promised to launch in select towns this summer.

What Is Tinder Tandem?

It’s an adorable tandem (i.e. 2-person) bike that Tinder users can rent for free.

Stations are going to be placed in currently-undisclosed locations this summer (2017).

Tinder Tandem Bike

What Cities Is Tinder Tandem In?

Tinder has not yet announced! This section will be updated as soon as information arrives.

How Does Tinder Tandem Work?

Here’s what the instructions have to say.

Tinder Tandem Instructions

First, you find someone you want to ride with and approach the Tinder Tandem station.

One of you opens up the Tinder app, and Tinder Tandem is in your swiping queue. Swipe right!

Tinder Tandem Swipe Right

Once you’ve matched with Tinder Tandem, Tinder Tandem will send you a message with the code you need to rent the bike from the station.

Tinder Tandem Success

And that’s all we know so far! It’s a dreamy idea. Not sure how it will turn out in reality (e.g. Will you have to swipe a card as collateral in case the bike gets stolen?) Time will tell.

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