Snappr Dating Photo Analyzer Doesn’t Work

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Snappr Photo Analyzer

Anyone remember HowHot.io?

It’s since retired, thanks to leading AI tech.  Snappr Dating Photo Analyzer claims to be the new Sheriff in town for all attractive-AI analyzing.

But does it work? 👀

The unfortunate answer is no. Not at all.

Today, the #1 rated photo in the system is this one:

Snappr photo analyzer fake

The above picture has beat out EVERY OTHER PHOTO tested by the platform, including pictures of female models.

Snappr Photo Analyzer says this picture is worse than the one above:

Snappr dating photo analyzer fake

That’s if you can get a score at all! See the following:

Snappr photo analyzer doesn't work

Snappr photo analyzer isn't real

On the contrary, you can easily find examples of photos deemed great by Snappr Dating Photo Analyzer that just wouldn’t work in real life:

Snappr dating photo analyzer is bad at judging pictures

So while Snappr Photo Analyzer may be a semi-fun toy, it’s not at all reliable for people looking for real feedback on their Tinder, OkCupid, Match, or other dating photos.

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