Clover Dating App Review (2023): The Good and the Bad

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Clover dating app

Clover Dating App Review 🍀

How is the Clover dating app? Is it better than other popular dating apps, like Tinder? How does it compare?

We did the research (so you don’t have to)! Here is our Clover dating app review.

What’s to Like About the Clover Dating App [PROS]

• Clover has an on-demand date feature. According to Clover CEO Isaac Raichyk: “Our new on-demand service will find people that actually want to meet you and you’ll be able to find a date as easy as it is to order a pizza or a cab.” The app makes it really easy to request and confirm dates: picking a date, time, place, and going offline quickly.

• Clover gives you a compatibility %. So you have some kind of metric for how well you’ll get along with the person. You don’t just have a few pictures to go on like on Tinder.

• You can swipe or you can just browse. Clover has Tinder-style swiping and OkCupid-style profile browsing, so you don’t have to choose. It brings the best of both worlds together.

• You can reach out to someone you haven’t matched with. It’s a paid feature — which is meh — but this isn’t even possible to do on Tinder.

What’s not to like about the Clover Dating App [CONS]

• If you’re using Clover for free, it will often prompt you to buy Clover Coins. Kind of annoying, but not really out of the ordinary with most popular dating apps.

• Some sorting and filtering features are paid-only. There is a free 7-day trial, and plans begin at $15 per month for premium features.

• It’s not clear what the compatibility %s are based on, or if they’re even useful. Are the compatibility numbers are only based on the app’s 20 question quiz? How well do they really predict compatibility? It doesn’t really say.

Overall takeaway: ✔️ 👍

The Clover dating app is a cool option to try — especially if you’d like to go back and forth between swiping and browsing OR if you’re excited to set up dates quicker and easier.

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