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Reddit Dating Advice

Reddit is a killer resource for dating advice.

Since the many great dating subreddits have been around, however, tons of ground has been covered. And covered. And covered again.

That said, we challenged ourselves to narrow down a super-short list of all-time best Reddit dating advice.

Here’s our top 3 picks.

#3) Top Reddit Dating Advice: Mixed Signals


Most of the time “mixed signals” means “no.” Or, I don’t know what I want and I am a mixed up person, in a mixed up part of my life, or a flake. All of the above indicate that it’s often best to move on.

If there are “mixed” signals, the discouraging ones are the true ones, the encouraging ones are you just making too much of their common courtesy.

Also sometimes people want to string others along until something better comes around, or they genuinely don’t know what they want. Mostly, though, I think people are just cowards who don’t want to feel like the “bad guy” and maybe kinda hope the other person does the breaking up for them.

#2) Top Reddit Dating Advice: Shoot for Good Enough, Not Perfect


You’re both going to be nervous and you’re both going to say stupid things on the first date. Humour those things and don’t let them control the date. First dates have a different grading scale.

#1) Top Reddit Dating Advice: Rejection Doesn’t Mean Something Is Wrong With You


Be okay with rejection. One person’s rejection is not everyone’s opinion of you.

And the other person may be aware of some reason why you wouldn’t work as a couple. Incompatibility is a good reason to turn someone down and I think too many people dismiss it as an excuse.

_Gorge_ 41:

I can’t tell you how many perfectly beautiful women I just couldn’t get into. Realizing this helps me avoid taking it personally when I get rejected. Sometimes it’s just not there and no explanation is necessary.

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Reddit Dating Advice

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