Deleting Your POF Profile [3 Things to Do / Double-Check!]

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Delete POF

So you’re ready to delete POF?

You can delete your POF account easily by following this link.

But before you do!: you’ll be best off if you take to heart these 3 simple tips for deleting your POF profile.

1. If you use the POF mobile app, know that deleting it from your phone won’t delete your profile!

This is super important. You won’t have the app on your phone anymore, but your profile will still be viewable by other people with the app. So remember to use the link above to delete your profile correctly and permanently.

2. Save your profile info.

You probably put a lot of thought into your POF profile: the order of photos, your headline, your description, etc. Don’t just let it go to waste now. Instead, copy and paste that stuff into a simple document on your computer or phone. (Face it: you’ll be pasting that ish into Tinder in no time.)

3. Delete your pictures.

Okay, now ask yourself: what if there was a technical glitch with deleting your POF account and — unbeknownst to you — your profile continued to circulate for all of eternity? Not likely, I know, I know. But I like to save myself any shadow of a doubt by removing my identifying information prior to deleting any sensitive account. It might make you feel better too.

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