Reddit Personals /r4r: 3 Tips to Meet Someone Great

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Reddit Personals /r4r: Our 3 Best Tips

Thinking about posting on on Reddit’s /r4r (“redditor for redditor”) personals subreddit?

We researched what makes a listing successful (i.e. an overall good experience for everyone) so you don’t have to!

#1 Check out the geographically-narrowed subreddits

If you’re looking to meet someone in person, your best bet is a locally-defined /r4r subreddit rather than the main one that’s open to all.

If you live in a major city, chances are there’s an /r4r subreddit for your area. Google “your_city reddit r4r” to know for sure.

#2 Remove identifying info/photos once you’ve met someone

The last thing you need is something from your past coming back to haunt you long after you’ve forgotten it’s even a thing.

Make a note on your calendar to go back and delete any identifying details from your listing in a day or two.

A good cleanse is good for the soul. Also this is pretty common practice on /r4r subreddits.

#3 Make sure to post 😍😍😍 pictures

Like on Tinder, Match, OkCupid, or anywhere you’re hoping to meet someone: the right pictures are key to attracting the right person.

That’s why we recommend testing yours on Photofeeler.

Photofeeler tells you how you’re coming across in pics — if you look attractive, smart, trustworthy, fun, confident, and more.

Choosing profile pics on Photofeeler has been known to increase matches on Tinder by 200-400%.


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