What I Learned on r/Bumble (to Increase Match Success as a Guy) 🍯🐝

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Reddit Bumble - What I Learned

After spending a lot of time on Reddit Bumble, here’s what I learned that actually worked to increase my match success rate, overall match quality, and dates.

#1 Best words to use in a Bumble bio

According to a UK study linked to on the Bumble Reddit.

1. Physically fit (+96%)
2. Perceptive (+51%)
3. Spontaneous (+45%)
4. Outgoing (+44%)
5. Optimistic (+39%)
6. Intelligent (+35%)
7. Passionate (+32%)
8. Affectionate (+29%)
9. Articulate (+24%)
10. Ambitious (+23%)

#2 Worst words to use in a Bumble bio

These words decrease messages.

1. Quiet (-62%)
2. Spiritual (-34%)
3. Respectful (-31%)
4. Good listener (-29%)
5. Caring (-25%)

#3 Testing profile pictures

Most guys use unflattering pics. In fact, a lot of guys look better in real life than their photos on Bumble.

Test yours on Photofeeler to find out how they’re coming across to girls.

Reddit Bumble tip

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