No Matches on Bumble? [What’s Happening & How To Turn It Around]

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No Matches on Bumble?

No Matches on Bumble?

It’s very common to get no matches on Bumble — especially as a guy. You may have swiped a lot, waited days, or even months, and… nothing.

You might think no matches on Bumble means something’s wrong with you.

No, It’s Not Because You’re Ugly

Often, men will invent some reason for getting no matches (“I’m short.” “I’m bald.” “I don’t make six figures.”)

They’ll say Bumble profiles are fake. Or that Bumble users are pickier than on other apps (and there might be some truth to that)! But even an average guy should be able to get a single match.

Rest assured, you can stay exactly the same — you can be average-looking — and get tons of matches on Bumble. You are not the problem.

The Real Reason Guys Don’t Get Matches

Stop thinking that you’re ugly. In fact, stop thinking about yourself altogether.

Rather, step out of the Matrix and see Bumble for what it really is.

It’s about your profile. Not you. Because swiping isn’t the same as getting to know you in person. Women on Bumble don’t even see you — they see 1-6 pictures of you. And a line of text. That’s it!

Fix Your Pictures = Get Matches on Tinder

Your pics suck. This is your problem. Not-so-great pictures are honestly the #1 reason guys especially run into trouble getting matches on dating apps like Bumble.

According to the research on online dating, as long as your bio text isn’t actively off-putting, it barely matters.

Understand that — to these girls — you are nothing except these few pictures on a screen.

That means you could literally be Ryan Gosling and, with bad pics, you’d get left-swiped. (Every guy can look unattractive or attractive given the right pictures!)

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And before wasting all your potential matches on the Bumble app, be sure to run your pics through Photofeeler.

Photofeeler tells you exactly how your profile photos are coming across to women (or men). Photofeeler is free to use and has been known to increase match rates and match quality dramatically.


Well guys, I hope this helps you beat the dreaded “No Matches on Bumble” problem.

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