The Truth About Prettyscale: Is It Accurate?

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You may have heard of Prettyscale, a website which claims to analyze facial beauty.

Prettyscale works by measuring your facial symmetry and comparing your proportions to the ideal proportions for a man or woman.

The website, Prettyscale.com, looks like this:

Prettyscale - Am I ugly? Why am I ugly? Rate my face

Once you upload a pic and go through a few measurements, Prettyscale gives you a number from 1 to 100 — ugly to beautiful.

And leaves you with a list of what’s wrong with your face.

(Very kindness! Much helping!)

So, Is Prettyscale Legit? Are The Results Accurate?

No, they’re not.

Here’s why.

#1 Not enough measurements

Prettyscale asks you to place points on your face, which gives you the feeling that they know what they’re doing.

The truth is, you’d need a whole lot more measurements than this to do what they claim.

The fact that Prettyscale has you measure, like, 2 things about your nose is proof that it’s not capturing you in any detail whatsoever.

Think about everything that’s left out: Prettyscale doesn’t care if your teeth are clean or rotted, if your eyes are covered in boils, if you have bird feathers in place of skin.

#2 Pretending symmetry is everything

Prettyscale acts as if symmetry is all that determines who is ugly or beautiful.

The reality is that it does not. Plenty of models, actors, and actresses would fail this test miserably. Nonetheless, they are considered some of the most physically attractive people alive.

#3 Using pictures

Finally, Prettyscale is not accurate because it uses pictures, and a picture isn’t the same as what you look like in real life.

For example, cameras can make your forehead, nose, or chin look bigger than it really is. Or make your face look extra short or long.

For a full explanation, check out this article:


So that’s our Prettyscale review. Pretty scale might be a fun game for some people, but is it accurate? No. You shouldn’t take the results seriously. Prettyscale isn’t real and can’t tell you if you’re ugly or beautiful.