“Am I Ugly? Why Am I So Ugly?” Here’s The HONEST TRUTH If You Can Handle It

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Am I ugly? Why am I so ugly reddit?

“Am I Ugly? Why Am I So Ugly?”

Here’s what you need to know.

Attractiveness can be measured

Some people say that physical attractiveness can’t be measured — that it’s “in the eye of the beholder.”

But that’s not quite true.

You can ask many different people how ugly or attractive they think someone is. Once you do that, you can average the opinions and conclude, “Marcy is a 6 out of 10, according to hundreds of people.”

Many scientific studies have been done this way. Many studies have asked participants to judge faces or facial features.

These studies found that certain features are rated more attractive than others. And others are rated as looking more trustworthy or smart or dominant, etc. etc. etc.

Am I ugly? Do I look untrustworthy? Science has an opinion
Princeton University
Why am I so ugly? Is it facial features?
Princeton University

But statistical averages don’t apply to individual people

Averaging tons of opinions gives us an idea of what “everyone” thinks. So you can say “Marcy is not ugly” based on the data you collected.

But asking any single person is a roll of the dice.

There’s always someone (more likely many someones) who disagrees with the crowd.

For instance, the Dutch people are statistically taller than Americans, but you could easily find one Dutch man who is shorter than another American man.

Even if a famous model is widely considered drop-dead gorgeous, you’ll always to be able to find some people that simply don’t see it.

Likewise: a person rated unattractive by the crowd may be extremely attractive to one person (or many people).

Are your pics less attractive than you are in real life?

Ugly and beautiful in pictures

There’s another big misunderstanding about ugliness/attractiveness that you should know. Reddit gets this one so wrong.

It’s this: you can’t truly rate a girl or guy’s attractiveness from a photo.

That’s because showing the truth of who you are (or even just what you look like) is impossible to capture in one photo.

Here are just some of the reasons:

• You’re three-dimensional, and pictures are only two-dimensional — so they can only see one angle at a time.
• You don’t stay perfectly still and in one place 24/7, so one picture can’t show what you look like in all settings, lights, etc.
• You wear different clothes.
• You act differently in different situations.
• Your moods and facial expressions change by the minute, so no one facial expression can capture what you look like 24/7.

Often, people will come to Photofeeler (a profile photo rating site) thinking, “This website can tell me how attractive I am! I want to know this about me!”

But what if the pictures you’re using aren’t as attractive as you are in real life?

Attractive selfie, ugly selfie
Dating pics rated on Photofeeler
Dating pics rated on Photofeeler

When an average-looking guy gets a low attractiveness score on Photofeeler, that guy’ll probably wish he were more attractive. But it’s possible that he is already in the top 50th percentile of physical attractiveness in real life. He’s just taking unflattering pictures!

So remember: attractiveness can be measured, but it’s impossible that 100% of people will agree that someone is ugly or attractive.

And looking ugly or attractive in pictures is an entirely different matter altogether (a skill, really, that you may have to work on)!

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