The Truth About Anaface: Is It Accurate?

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Have you heard about Anaface? Anaface is a web app which claims it can score your face.

To use Anaface, you upload a picture and then place 17 dots on your face. Finally, once the dots are placed, Anaface performs a facial beauty analysis.

The homepage online at Anaface.com looks like this:


As a result of Anaface’s analysis, you get a number from 1 to 10.

It also lists every individual thing that is asymmetrical or out-of-proportion about your face. (e.g. “Your mouth is too wide for your nose.”)

So, Is Anaface Legit? Are The Results Accurate?

No, they’re not.

Here’s why.

#1 Not enough measurements

Anaface takes some measurements, which gives you the feeling that they know what they’re doing.

But the truth is — to compare a person’s face measurements to the golden ratio (as this tool claims to do) — you’d need a whole lot more. The fact that Anaface has you measure, like, 2 things about your nose is proof that it’s not capturing you in any detail whatsoever.

Think about all the characteristics left out of Anaface’s assessment. It doesn’t care if your teeth are clean or rotted, or if your eyes are covered in boils.

#2 Pretending symmetry is everything

Anaface acts as if symmetry is all that determines who is ugly or beautiful.

The reality is that it does not. Plenty of famous models, actors, and actresses have facial asymmetry and don’t have the golden ratio. They are nonetheless considered some of the most physically attractive people alive.

#3 Using pictures

Finally, Anaface uses pictures, and a picture isn’t the same as what you look like in real life. That makes Anaface highly inaccurate.

For example, cameras can make your forehead, nose, or chin look bigger than it really is. Or make your face look extra short or long.

For a full explanation, check out this article:


So is Anaface accurate? No. It might be a fun game for some people, but you shouldn’t take the results seriously. Anaface isn’t real and can’t tell you whether or not you’re beautiful.