How to Use Grindr Online (On Your Computer/PC)?

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How to Use Grindr Online?

Sadly, Grindr doesn’t have a full-featured website online. To use Grindr, you have to download the app on a mobile phone (or skip to the next question for an alternative).

But keep in mind: Tinder just launched its website version for the first time in 2017. So it’s still possible Grindr will follow suit in the future.

How to Use Grindr for Computer/PC?

Your only option: you need to download a mobile simulator.

Once you install a mobile simulator — such as this one, from Bluestacks — then you can download and use the app just like you would on a phone.

The downside of this method: some people using emulators run into bugs since the app wasn’t meant to be used on computer/PC. If you do run into a problem, it will most likely have to do with your GPS/location. Some users have been able to work around this, however.

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