Dating with the Bumble App: EVERYTHING You Need to Know

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Here’s everything you need to know to get all the Bumble matches.

From messaging on the Bumble app, to how to attract lots of matches on Bumble, to where to take your Bumble app matches on your first date. All the info related to dating on the Bumble app is here.

1. What is Bumble?

Bumble is a dating app you can use on your phone. People use Bumble to meet other single people to date.

Bumble is one of the most popular apps of its kind, right up there with Tinder.

We’ve previously reviewed how well the Bumble app works for men here.

2. What Do You Need to Know to Date on Bumble?

About Bumble app dating

The basics of dating on Bumble:

Once you’ve signed up, Bumble works by swiping on profiles (left for “not interested,” right for “like”).

When two people swipe right on each other on Bumble, they match. That means they’re able to start messaging each other inside the Bumble app.

However, if you’re heterosexual on Bumble, the woman must send the first message to the man. Men cannot reach out to women first.

For more specifics, see: How Does Bumble Work – For Guys? For Women? (PICTURES)

3. How to Make a Great Bumble Profile (That Attracts Like 🐝 to 🍯)

Having a great Bumble profile depends upon having great pictures that show you in a variety of situations.

Each of your Bumble pictures should look their best as a long vertical rectangle.

As for Bumble bios, attractive Bumble descriptions are short and simple. Avoid saying anything negative or sarcastic.

For examples of Bumble bios, see: The Best Bumble Bios (with COPY-PASTE TEMPLATES) for Guys/Girls

4. Tips for Bumble Chatting

Talking on Bumble

To stimulate conversation, end each Bumble message with a specific question.

“How are you?” or “What’s up?” don’t count as specific questions. Instead, try something like, “So how do you like working at X?”

Once you’ve had some back and forth, transition to a date with, “Hey, would you be down to grab coffee/lunch/a drink sometime?”

5. Tips for Your First Bumble Date

Coffee dates make perfect inexpensive first Bumble dates.

Coffee dates are great because, in a worst-case scenario, you can say you have to be somewhere and cut out after only about 30 minutes or so. And in a best-case scenario, you can end up talking for hours.

6. Is Upgrading to Bumble Boost Worth It?

Bumble dating app upgrades

On Bumble, the available upgrades are a Bumble Boost subscription and SuperSwipe packages.

For detailed information, see: Bumble Boost: Worth the Money? Pros and Cons of Upgrading

7. Troubleshooting Common Bumble Problems

Some people new to Bumble wonder if the profiles they’re seeing are fake. For information on this, see: How Many Bumble Profiles are Actually FAKE?

If you have difficulty getting any matches on Bumble, see: No Matches on Bumble? [What’s Happening & How To Turn It Around]

8. Bumble Alternatives

Think Bumble isn’t for you?

Consider checking out this comparison between Bumble and Tinder: Bumble vs. Tinder

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