Bumble SuperSwipe – What It Does, Does It Really Work?

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Bumble SuperSwipe

What Is Bumble SuperSwipe?

You can show special interest in someone on Bumble by SuperSwipe-ing their profile rather than just swiping right.

It’s similar to Tinder’s Super Like feature (though with some differences, which we’ll get into in the Pros/Cons section).

What Does a Bumble SuperSwipe Cost?

1 SuperSwipe = 1 Bumble coin, which ranges between $2.30-$3.20.

You can buy as many as 20 Bumble coins at one time for $24.99 altogether, saving you 40%.

That’s 20 Bumble coins so 20 SuperSwipes!

How It Works

To use a SuperSwipe on a profile you’re digging, tap the yellow heart icon. (See image below.)

Bumble Super Swipe

Pros/Cons (What People Are Saying)


• Using a Bumble SuperSwipe on someone means they’ll give your profile extra attention since they know you’re seriously interested.


• However, it’s possible your SuperSwipe might not be seen if the user is inactive and/or if you don’t show up in their search parameters.

{ Let’s compare Bumble to Tinder for one moment to explain what we mean. When you’re swiping through profiles on Tinder, the people you see have you within their distance and age range. You only see each other when these settings are mutual. On Bumble, that’s not the case. So you never know when someone you’re viewing has a much smaller distance or age range set — in which case your profile won’t be shown to them. }

• You do not need SuperSwipes to get matches, nor are you guaranteed more matches if you pay for SuperSwipes.

• Some people think sending SuperSwipes looks desperate.

So: Is It Worth It To Send Super Swipes?

People on Reddit and forums are split on this.

The way we see it, it comes down to this:

If you already have a great Bumble profile, and you just *need* to make sure you did everything you can to reach out to a particular person (who could be like, THE ONE) — go for it.

But if your profile sucks, driving extra attention to it won’t result in more messages or dates. Instead, consider testing your pics at Photofeeler to drastically increase your profile quality.


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