Highly-Effective Bumble Profile Examples For Guys/Girls (COPY-PASTE)

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What To Write On Bumble to Improve Your Profile - For Guys

Not sure how to write a Bumble profile?

Looking for great Bumble profile tips and examples for guys/girls? If you need help knowing what to write or say for your description or what kind of pictures to use for your (male or female) Bumble profile, we’ve got the Bumble profile tips and example templates that you need right here!

We’ll be breaking down our best tips — plus example templates that you can copy-and-paste — for an effective Bumble profile for men or women.

#1 Sprinkle some of these words into your Bumble profile

Did you know certain words on dating profiles have been proven to solicit more messages? A study out of the UK found the following.

Top Words for Men:

1. Physically fit (+96%)
2. Perceptive (+51%)
3. Spontaneous (+45%)
4. Outgoing (+44%)
5. Optimistic (+39%)
6. Intelligent (+35%)
7. Passionate (+32%)
8. Affectionate (+29%)
9. Articulate (+24%)
10. Ambitious (+23%)

Top Words for Women:

1. Ambitious (+48%)
2. Perceptive (+46%)
3. Sweet (+33%)
4. Hard working (+32%)
5. Thoughtful (+28%)
6. Physically fit (+21%)
7. Creative (+19%)
8. Rational (+19%)
9. Spontaneous (+19%)
10. Energetic (+18%)

#2 Avoid these words in your Bumble profile

Likewise, the study above found that certain words on dating profiles decrease the number of messages people receive. Stear clear of these on Bumble!

Worst Words for Men:

1. Quiet (-62%)
2. Spiritual (-34%)
3. Respectful (-31%)
4. Good listener (-29%)
5. Caring (-25%)

Worst Words for Women:

1. Spiritual (-35%)
2. Quiet (-32%)
3. Dependable (-26%)
4. Articulate (-19%)
5. Good listener (-18%)

#3 Bumble profile example templates you can steal and edit

Based on the good and bads words list above, here are some sample profiles for guys and girls that you can copy-paste and edit to suit your situation.

Note: for guys, it’s a good idea to end with a question. This will make it easy (read: more likely) for her to send that first message.

For Men:

“I’m a spreadsheet guy by day. I like to stay physically fit. 💪 Always up for a spontaneous weekend camping trip. 🏕️ If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?”

“Can’t say no to a good taco, escape room, or strategy game. 🤓 Passionate about intelligent conversation. Always looking for good book or movie recs! What’s something you liked recently?”

“I’m physically fit, optimistic, and outgoing. Looking for my match: someone who is perceptive, spontaneous, and doesn’t take life too seriously to enjoy it. Quick!: what’s your favorite 90s song?”

For Women:

“I’m the thoughtful and hardworking type; looking for the same! Love to flex my creative side with some paints, get dressed up 👠, or just stay in with a glass of wine 🍷 and watch ridiculous TV.”

“My friend told me to describe myself as “sweet.” (She’s probably right about that.) For fun, I’m into dancing, GoT theories, and attempting to teach my 2 Siamese cats to walk on a leash. I like a guy who’s as perceptive and ambitious as I am.”

“I like to stay active and physically fit. 👟 Looking for someone energetic and spontaneous who can keep up!”

(For more great bio ideas, check out our Best Bumble Bios list.)

#4 Only use your best, proven-to-work profile pictures

Your profile pictures matter. A lot. Like more than anything else about your profile — by far.

Your pics either give potential dates a gut-level positive first impression, or if they’re not so good, they put a damper on everything else you do or say.

But look: You don’t have to be Ryan Gosling or Kim Kardashian to be considered highly attractive. An average-looking person with really flattering pics can have their choice of anyone on Bumble!

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Bumble profile photo examples

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