Am I Attractive? How Attractive Am I? 1-10? (FOR REAL)

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Am I attractive? How attractive am I?

Am I Attractive? How Attractive Am I?

Here is the honest truth you need to know.

Attractiveness can be measured

A lot of people want to say that attractiveness isn’t measurable. They’ll say things like, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

That’s not really the truth.

A scientist would measure attractiveness by asking a large, diverse group how attractive people are. Then they’d average the opinions and reach a conclusion: “Josie is a 6 out of 10, according to 100 people.”

Many real scientific studies have asked participants to judge faces for attractiveness in this way.

Am I Attractive? How Attractive Am I?
Princeton University

But statistical averages don’t apply to individual people

Okay, so here’s where it gets interesting.

When you average out lots of opinions, you’re able to make statements based on the data you collected like, “Josie is above-average attractive.”

But even if the majority of people agree that “Josie is above-average attractive,” you’re always going to find someone (more likely many someones) who disagree.

Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Brat Pitt aren’t considered attractive to 100% of people. Some simply don’t see it.

Similarly, a person who would be rated unattractive by a large crowd could still be considered extremely attractive to one person.

So keep this in mind as we continue!

Are your pics less attractive than you are in real life???

Am I Attractive? How Attractive Am I?

That brings us to another huge misunderstanding (that gets people inaccurate attractive ratings).

It’s this: you can’t accurately rate a girl or guy’s attractiveness from a photo.

You really have to see them in person. That’s because what someone looks like in real life is impossible to capture in one photo.

Here’s just a few of the reasons for that:

• You’re three-dimensional, and pictures are only two-dimensional — so pictures can only show one angle at a time.
• You don’t stay perfectly still and in one place 24/7, so one picture can’t show what you look like in all settings, lights, etc.
• You wear different clothes.
• You act differently in different situations.
• Your moods and facial expressions change by the minute, so no one facial expression can capture what you look like 24/7.

Often, people will come to Photofeeler (a profile photo rating site) thinking, “This website can tell me how attractive I am! I’m going to find out!”

But what if the pictures you’re using aren’t as attractive as you are in real life? Then the data is worthless!

Am I Attractive? How Attractive Am I?
Dating pics rated on Photofeeler
Dating pics rated on Photofeeler

Say, for instance, an average-looking guy gets a low attractiveness score on Photofeeler with his first picture.

Chances are, he’ll feel bad about it and assume he’s horrifically ugly.

But it’s possible that he’s already average or above-average in attractiveness — in real life. He’s just taking the worst possible pictures!

So remember: attractiveness can be measured, but 100% will never agree on who is attractive and who is not. And looking unattractive in pics is something different altogether (a skill you might need to work on to do your IRL looks justice)!

Only once you know this can you start to get real about what you look like.

Photofeeler is a tool for testing profile pics, as seen in Time, Forbes, The Today Show, and more. Know for certain how you’re coming across in pictures. It’s free to use here.