“Verifyandmeet” “Tinder verification code”? Behind the Tinder Scams

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Verifyandmeet - Tinder Verification Code

Beware: Tinder users are being lured into a scam called “Verifyandmeet.”


In recent weeks, automated bots masquerading as Tinder profiles have been telling real users to get “verified,” as part of a clever scam to sell them porn, security firm Symantec said on Thursday.

The spam bots first send off flirty messages, like “Wanna eat cookie dough together some time?” only to then ask whether Tinder has verified the user [to verify the person you wanna meet isn’t a serial killer lol”].

These spam bots send links to different sites, but each variation does the same thing: it asks for credit card information as a way to “verify the user’s age.” Then it slaps you with recurring charges of $118.76 per month for an online pornography subscription.

Be safe out there, friends! Official Tinder personnel recommend linking your Tinder account to Instagram if you want to prove your identity, but always avoid anything that takes you to an off-Tinder website or asks for personal information.

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