What Is Tinder Social? [UPDATE: IT’S GONE! What Happened?]

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Tinder Social

Tinder Social Gone (What Happened?)

In August 2017, Tinder removed its Tinder Social feature (also known as “Tinder groups”) from the app.

According to a statement from Tinder, the Tinder Social feature didn’t “fit cleanly within [Tinder’s] future direction.”

If you ask me, this is corporate speak for: “People didn’t use it like we hoped, and we don’t want to sink any more resources into it.” Especially considering that most people using Tinder Social weren’t using it in the advertised way (see “Who Is Using It?” and “What Are People Saying?” below).


What Is Tinder Social?

Tinder Social is a new feature within the Tinder dating app.

With Tinder Social, you can form a group of friends and make plans to meet up with another group.

Tinder Social

Who Is Using It?

While there are wholesome and female-dominant groups to be found, it certainly looks like the majority of Tinder Social power users are:

• Couples seeking group sex
• Groups of guys seeking hookups
• Individual guys using the feature as a work-around for regular dating (by adding friends who may or may not show up)
• (To a much lesser extent:) Party girls

What Are People Saying?

• Some guys are saying that Tinder Social has given them more matching opportunities than they had as an individual.
• Some individuals are saying it’s creepy as hell that their Facebook friends can find them on Tinder — so they opt not to activate Tinder Social at all.
• Some individuals are saying they’ve been added to a Tinder Social group without their knowledge.
• Some mixed-gender groups are saying they’ve had a hard time matching (because other groups want to meet either all girls or all guys).
• Most everyone is saying that using Tinder Social to meet up is far more complicated than it should be.

What’s Better Than Tinder Social?

Look, if you love the idea of meeting in groups, you may as well give it a try.

But if you were thinking of using Tinder Social as a trick to get more matches, I advise against it. There are more effective ways to get more matches and dates on Tinder. Simply taking the time to optimize your Tinder profile will do *wonders* for you.

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