Is Tinder Plus Worth Upgrading to? The PROS and CONS of Paying

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Tinder Plus premium upgrade worth it?

Wondering if Tinder Plus is worth it? Here, we’ll be breaking down the features you get, what it costs, and the overall pros and cons of Tinder Plus.

Tinder Plus Price

$9.99/month for users under 30.

$19.99/month for users over 30.

Features You Get With Tinder Plus

1. Unlimited swipes

With Tinder’s free version, you’re limited by how many profiles you can swipe per day.

Unlimited swipes is no doubt Tinder Plus’s biggest selling point. The more you can swipe, the higher your likelihood of matches, right?

2. Location change

Tinder Plus allows you to spoof your location. This way, if you’re headed on a business trip or vacation, you can start finding dates before you get there.

3. Super likes

With the free version of Tinder, you have 1 Super Like to give out per day. With the premium version, you have 5.

There’s argument over whether giving profiles a Super Like looks serious or desperate, but what’s undeniable is it does place you higher in the liked user’s photo stack.

4. Boosts

What is a Boost? For 30 minutes, you go closer the top of everyone in your area’s photo stack.

Tinder Plus gets you 1 free Boost per month.

5. Undo last swipe

Finally, with a Tinder Plus premium upgrade, you can undo your latest swiping mistakes on-the-fly.

Tinder Plus Pros and Cons


• If you aren’t getting many matches, Tinder Plus gives you more chances to get in front of users.

• If you want to meet as many people as you can ASAP, Tinder Plus can speed up that process by getting you in front of more users in less time.

• If you plan to travel, Tinder Plus can help you line up dates beforehand.


• If you pretty much stay in one place, the location change feature is wasted on you.

• Unlimited swiping means you’ll spend more of your time swiping per day.

• You do not need Tinder Plus to get matches, nor are you guaranteed more matches if you pay.

• Getting in front of more users increases your chances, but it’s still up to chance. With a bad profile and Tinder Plus, it’s possible to be rejected more and faster without receiving any matches.

Is Tinder Plus Worth It?

Here’s what it comes down to.

Tinder Plus is worth it if: you know what features you’re getting and plan to put them to good use.

Tinder Plus is not worth it if: you think it will magically get more girls to go out with you.

In fact, it’s possible to get tons of matches with Tinder’s free version if you have an optimized profile.

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