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Three Day Rule Reviews 2022: Cost, Pros/Cons, What to Expect

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three day rule

Three Day Rule

Three Day Rule is a matchmaking service. People join Three Day Rule to get set up on dates.

We had a lot of questions, though. Is Three Day Rule expensive? Is it worth the cost? Is it a scam?

We read all the recent Three Day Rule reviews we could find, and here’s what we learned about Three Day Rule’s pricing and pros and cons.

How much does Three Day Rule cost?

The cost of Three Day Rule varies by city and contract length (e.g. a 1, 3, or 6-month term), but customers online say they paid between $1,600 and $16,500.

PROS — What people liked about Three Day Rule

Done-for-you matching — Three Day Rule members communicate with a matchmaker and then get set up on dates. Members love this as an alternative to spending time on dating apps and websites. It feels like someone else is taking care of your dating life for you.

See a photo/bio before deciding to date — Unlike some other done-for-you matchmaking services, Three Day Rule gives you some pictures and information prior to meeting someone. (Though it’s important to note that whoever is shown to you counts as a match for billing purposes, even if you decide not to meet them.)

Additional dating services — All members get a professional photoshoot and a few dating coaching sessions to hone in on any personal blocks keeping them from finding the right person.

CONS — What people disliked about Three Day Rule

You schedule and plan dates — It’s up to you to make a date happen once you receive a person’s information.

Matchmakers seem to vary in style, skill, and attention to detail — Members online describe having different experiences depending on which matchmaker they were working with. Some matchmakers favored phone communication while others favored email, for example. Some disgruntled former members felt that their particular matchmaker lacked the experience to meaningfully vet singles or gauge compatibility.

Concerns about the match pool — Not all people you’re set up with are fellow clients of Three Day Rule. Three Day Rule sometimes finds people on dating apps and asks them if they’d like to meet a client. Likewise, matchmakers approach strangers and acquaintances about dating clients. Some members dislike this since the people they meet are less invested than they are, but Three Day Rule says they try to vet candidates as well as they can.

No guarantees — Often, with a high cost comes high expectations. Unfortunately, Three Day Rule doesn’t guarantee that the person you like will like you back (yes, some members still get ghosted after first dates) or that every match meets 100% of your criteria.

Overall takeaway: 🤷

Three Day Rule could be a great option for someone with some money to spend, but it’s hard to rate as a whole since the experience depends on the quality of individual matchmakers.

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Three Day Rule

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