Top Ways to Search for Someone on OkCupid [2023 Update]

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OkCupid Search

How to Do OkCupid Search Now?

OkCupid changed its design, doing away with screen names (and screen name search) completely in 2018.

But you’re not out of luck!

Here are the top best ways to search for someone specific on OkCupid today.

1. Search by Their Old OkCupid Username (From Before the Redesign)

If the person you’re looking for signed up prior to the redesign in 2018, you can still find them by their old username!

Either you remember the person’s username or, if you don’t, you might be able to take a good guess at it based on the person’s Instagram, Facebook, etc.

If so, just go to your computer and enter this URL:

https://www.okcupid.com/profile/[the person’s old username]

2. Find Someone Using What You Know About Them

OkCupid has all sorts of filters that are super-nifty for finding someone you know.

The holy grail: what is the person’s zip code? Limit your search to that location only, as narrow as it will allow. And then add in age, height, etc. etc.

For last login, make that one as broad as you can (like anywhere in the past year).

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