OKCupid MyBestFace Replacement: Photofeeler.com

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Since OKCupid’s MyBestFace went down years ago, many people have told us that they’ve found Photofeeler to be a lot like OkCupid’s Mybestface — except even better.

Here are a few reasons why Photofeeler is the best (and arguably, only) MyBestFace alternative out there.

1. We’re the real deal

Photofeeler isn’t one guy’s weekend project. We’ve been the best in profile photo testing since well before OKCupid discontinued MyBestFace.

2. We’re free!

3. You can test dating pics and other types of pics

Photofeeler can help you test your dating photos, yes. But we have social and business categories as well.

This means we can tell you exactly which picture gives the best impression for your Facebook or LinkedIn profile. (Have you even thought about how important your LinkedIn photo is?)

Go to Photofeeler.com now and give it a try!