What’s OkCupid Boost? Best Time to Use & How to Make the Most Out of It

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OkCupid Boost

What Is OkCupid Boost?

An OkCupid Boost shows your profile at the top of special blend searches, on quick match, and in activity feeds. So, in essence, your profile is seen by a lot of users in a short amount of time.

Boosts usually last for 15 minutes but OkCupid extends them if you don’t reach a certain number of impressions in that time (currently 1,000).

You can buy a Boost individually or buy in bulk for a discount.

Unlike the daily Boosts that come with an OkCupid A-List subscription, you can choose the timing of a separately-purchased Boost. The clock starts right after you purchase.

Can Anyone See I’m Using OkCupid Boost?

Nope. OkCupid doesn’t label profiles using Boost.

How Much Does a Boost Cost?

For now the set price of a single OkCupid Boost is .99 cents via the mobile app or $2.00 via the website.

How Can I Get the Most Out of an OkCupid Boost?

To make your Boost impressions go farther, optionally consider doing the following during your Boost. (This is best done on a computer rather than a phone.)

• Turn anonymous browsing off and visitors on.

• As profile thumbnails pop up, open the attractive ones in new tabs.

• Also search for Last Online and open the attractive ones in new tabs.

The idea here is: if you show up as having viewed their profile, they’ll view yours back — further increasing the amount of attention you’re getting in that short time.

When your Boost ends, read through the profiles and message/like the users you’re into to get the ball rolling.

When Is the Best Time to Use an OkCupid Boost?

Short answer: Sundays at 9pm

According to a study of mobile app behavior by Nielson, OkCupid is busiest on Sunday. Between 9pm and 10pm is OkCupid’s most popular hour.

Activity is lowest between 2am and 5am. Users start engaging around 5pm. Activity goes up and up through the evening until 10pm, when activity falls off again.

Long answer: When your profile is good enough that you won’t be wasting the opportunity

When you use a Boost, a lot of users are seeing your profile. But it still really depends on the quality of your profile as to how many messages or dates you’ll get from it.

With a bad profile, there’s the sad possibility that you’ll just get rejected more and faster.

Look: Being considered highly attractive on dating sites/apps isn’t just for Brad Pitt or jacked guys named “Chad.” You just have to know what kind of pics sell you well. And the vast majority of your competition is failing at this. Turns out, most people use pics that don’t do them justice at all, and they lose attention immediately.

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