LinkedIn Profile Dos and Don’ts for 2024

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Stay ahead of the curve and in front of compelling job opportunities by making sure your LinkedIn is updated and ready for success!

It’s good to know that little details can affect your profile’s visibility on LinkedIn, such as keywords in your description, bio, and work history. Here’s what to do to give yourself an advantage:

LinkedIn Dos

LinkedIn Tip #1: Do appear as professional as possible in your profile pic.

linkedin headshot, linkedin profile photo business professional

Your LinkedIn profile picture should be mostly your face; no need for a full-body or far-away shot. It should be recent enough so that when people interview you, you look like your photo.

It doesn’t have to be super technical. You can take the photo at home on a plain background and then test it afterward to see if you’re coming across as Influential, Likable, and Confident on Photofeeler!

LinkedIn Tip #2: Do include concrete examples and hard data

linkedin skills section how to write linkedin skills section

The job market is more competitive now than ever.

Quantitative statistics that you can back up catch attention. But of course, don’t say you doubled viewership unless you have the results on deck to prove it.

Everyone can go on about what an expert they are. That’s why the name of the game in 2024 is concreteness: offering specific examples and data. Your bio, work history, or skill endorsements are the best place for this.

LinkedIn Tip #3: Do get prior employers to endorse your skills

linkedin endorsement sample

Having someone endorse the skills on your LinkedIn profile will increase your credibility and your profile’s visibility in relevant searches.

When you apply for a position directly on LinkedIn, whatever skills the company is looking for that match the skills on your profile will be shown first. Having multiple backers for these skills will make your profile stand out.

LinkedIn Don’ts:

LinkedIn Tip #4: Don’t succumb to old, outdated buzzwords

Using the current buzzwords for your industry can make you look like an insider and make your profile search-friendly.

But using buzzwords that are outdated for 2024 — like “guru,” “code ninja,” “detail-oriented,” and “team player” — can have the opposite effect, making you look like you’re on the outside.

One way to find relevant keywords for free is in job descriptions. Simply browse the required skills area and make note of those that come up in multiple job postings; if you’re qualified, make sure to include these keywords on your profile.

If you want to get uber advanced, try a keyword tool like SEMRush or Ubersuggest.

LinkedIn Tip #5: Don’t be a stranger

Networking is everything on LinkedIn. Even if you don’t connect (request to be “friends”) on Linkedin, you can and should still follow influential leaders in your field.

The best way to get seen on LinkedIn is by engaging. Consider:

  • Posting valuable information about your topic of expertise
  • Commenting on posts to share perspective, congratulate, or respectfully add some thoughts
  • Contributing to thought leadership pieces when prompted. This is a newer feature (as of 2024), where LinkedIn asks people in a certain niche to weigh in on a topic or question together.

contribute your thoughts with linkedin prompt

LinkedIn Tip #6: Don’t continue using an outdated headshot photo

Does your LinkedIn profile photo make you look smart and together? Or out of touch?

Here’s a few pointers for taking photos that look up-to-date for 2024:

sample headshots for linkedin, acceptable profile photos for linkedin

When you’re ready to hear things like, “You look like you know your stuff,” or “You come across as such a professional,” we’re a mere business photo test away.

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