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What Works on Dating Sites/Apps in 2024? The New Dos and Don’ts

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what works on dating apps and catches attention

I don’t have to tell you that we live in a fast-paced world. Dating sites and apps are ever-changing, as are the norms and etiquette around them.

Here’s what you need to know to get your dating game 2024-ready.

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Dating App Dos:

Dating App Tip #1: Do make it personal.

dating app tip #1: keep it personal with messages

Find something from your match’s profile and ask about this in your first message if you can. The key here is to ask something that doesn’t seem routinely asked while still being fun to answer.

Showing you took the time to review their profile will start you off with brownie points. And everyone loves brownie points!

A few other ways you can add some personality to your messages are:

  • With GIFs. I wouldn’t recommend solely using a GIF, but including one in a messaging sequence is a fun way to show people visually how you’re reacting to their messages. Tinder claims that sending an animated GIF as a first message makes you 30% more likely to get a response.
  • With emojis. It’s hard to tell sarcasm, banter, and interest over text; and it’s especially hard when you have never met in person. Adding an emoji or two as you message back and forth can really break the ice. But, there’s still a level where it becomes too much:

too many emojis, don't do this

Dating App Tip #2: Do use photos that show your personality (and not just how sexy you are!)

good and bad examples of personality filled dating app pics

Attractiveness drives a majority of the decisions on dating apps, but personality hits the ball out of the park.

Coming off as your true self is ideal because you’ll minimize disappointment and maximize true connection. Test your pics on Photofeeler to see if your photographic first impression is sending the message you want!

Dating App Don’ts:

Dating App Tip #3: Don’t lead (or answer) with negativity.

awkward messages on hinge

If you want to insult a potential date and yourself at the same time, send a message that says, “You seem too attractive to be on a dating app!” Let’s just take a pause to reflect here on why that doesn’t really land.

*cue three seconds of reflection*

So, you’re not too attractive to be on a dating app, but you want a date with me…? We’re lost. Are we out of your league? But we matched with you? Make it make sense.

There are a few other siblings to this rule:

  • “I’m super lonely.”
  • “I don’t normally do online dating, but I’m giving it a chance, I guess.”
  • “How are you going to impress me?”

Or this gem…

you have the same name as my brother message

Dating App Tip #4: Don’t block your face with Snapchat and Instagram filters.

pretty girl with and without filters dating app

Thankfully, we all attended the funeral for the dog face Snapchat filter two years ago. Now, we’re playing against the final bosses of filters because the skin-smoothing, eyelash-adding filters seem so oddly real.

See, filters like these cover a lot more of your face than you think they do. The scientific explanation is that you’re familiar with your own face, so you can fill in the blanks easily. Strangers, however, just feel like they can’t see you. (Maybe you’re hiding something?)

photofeeler test results with and without filter

Showing up for a date looking like a totally different person is only a setup for disappointment at the end of the day. Lead with authenticity to be met with the same. You’ve gotta love yourself without the filters before anyone else truly can.

Dating App Tip #5: Don’t only use professionally taken profile pics.

Got amazing photos taken? Awesome! Definitely put those to use. However, be sure to sprinkle in some regular pics as well.

See, dating apps and sites have a “fake profile” problem. There are bots… There’s the catfish pretending to be someone they’re not… People are becoming more leery of this all the time.

When all of your pictures are professionally taken, your profile is more likely to raise red flags. People want to be able to jump into the scene with you, so if all your photos are in your favorite blue shirt, standing in front of a tree, you’re not giving enough diversity and realness.

All that said — I hope you enjoyed these new dating app etiquette do’s and don’ts. Test your shots with Photofeeler, then rinse and repeat to see more matches and better messages rolling in!