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“It’s Just Lunch” Reviews 2023: Pros, Cons, Cost, What to Expect

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It's Just Lunch Reviews, Cost

It’s Just Lunch

Its Just Lunch (IJL) is a matchmaking service for busy professionals who want to be set up on dates (without spending any time swiping or messaging people on apps).

Many questions remain, though. Is It’s Just Lunch expensive? Is it worth the cost? Is it a scam?

We read all the recent It’s Just Lunch reviews we could find, and here’s what we learned about Its Just Lunch’s pricing and pros and cons.

How much does It’s Just Lunch cost?

The cost of It’s Just Lunch varies based on what city you live in and how many dates you sign up for, but recent customers online say they paid a package price between $1,000 and $5,000. Pricing in the $2,000 range appeared most common.

PROS — What people liked about It’s Just Lunch

Done-for-you matching — Just For Lunch members enjoy talking to a real person about their dating preferences and then being set up by this human matchmaker instead of pouring all their time into swiping and messaging on apps.

Privacy — It’s Just Lunch members like that they don’t have to put up a profile and worry about who might come across it. Only their matchmaker and dates know they’re using the service.

Handled by phone — It’s Just Lunch starts off with an in-person or phone interview. From there, your matchmaker communicates with you by phone to set up dates and to assess how things went after dates. This is refreshing to members who communicate best over the phone.

Date planning — Because It’s Just Lunch chooses a time and venue for every date, all members need to do is show up. (You and/or your date are still responsible for the bill at the bar or restaurant.)

CONS — What people disliked about It’s Just Lunch

Blind dates — Some members disliked that they couldn’t see a photo of their date before meeting.

Waiting — It can take a month or so to be set up on a first date, and some members report waiting longer than they’d like between matches.

Quality dependent on your city’s branch — It’s Just Lunch operates as a franchise. Each individual location — New York City, Washington DC, Cleveland, Denver, etc. — has its own staff. Because of this, members say that matchmaking quality can vary. e.g. Just because someone had a good experience in Alabama doesn’t mean the Arizona office is any good.

Matches not meeting expectations — Some members have been extremely disappointed when matches didn’t meet their stated expectations. There was a class action lawsuit and settlement regarding this in 2016. It is speculated that the quality of members varies city to city. Some cities might have an overload of female members, for instance, which makes it difficult to match them with men that meet their specifications.

Salesy — Some people have felt pressured or misled by sales personnel. It’s Just Lunch’s New York branch was sued in 2014 for making claims in sales presentations that were not realistic.

Overall takeaway: 🤷

It’s Just Lunch could be a great option for someone with some money to spend, but it’s hard to rate as a whole since locations (and individual matchmakers) vary so much.

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